Advanced technology for skin renewal

Latvian health and biotechnology start-up company has developed a unique technology for enhanced skin renewal. The technology is based on extraction and application of patient's own undamaged cells. The technology can be used for the treatment of patients with burns, chronic wounds, as well as in invasive plastic surgery and beauty care. The company is searching for partners interested to use the technology. The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Globally every year 100 million people get burns and more than 10 million people are hospitalized in order to receive a special healing of burns. The current healing methods of burns are long-lasting with high infection risk (~21%). Patients often need multiple skin transplantation and in majority cases scarring remains forever. Latvian health and biotechnology start-up company has developed unique technology that enhances the skin regeneration process in case of complex skin wounds when skin’s natural ability to regenerate is disrupted. The technology accelerates healing process and improves cosmetic appearance of the skin (reducing the scarring, as well as renewing natural pigmentation and texture). The extraction and application of undamaged cells, including dermal stem cells takes only 30 minutes. The skin renewal process consists of three subsequent steps: 1) The clinician extracts a small piece of the patient's undamaged skin using a dermatome or skin graft knife. 2) The viable cells are isolated from the skin in high number. The technology allows to obtain maximum number of viable cells, while keeping them undamaged, which is crucial for improving the healing process. 3) The cells are added to the wound in a suspension, triggering active healing to start within 24 hours. New layer of the skin is grown within 2 weeks. A cell suspension that uses cells from the same patient is produced in a form that is easy to apply to skin, therefore no laboratory environment or additional manipulations are needed. The technology has been validated in the laboratory conditions. The medical kit and technology are applicable to two major areas: 1) Medical – to use in the treatment of patients with burns, chronic wounds, in invasive plastic surgery, veterinary and 3D tissue printing. 2) Beauty care – for skin rejuvenation, aesthetics procedures, mesotherapy (micro needling). The company is looking for partners interested to apply the offered technology in their practice. The company offers to conclude commercial agreement with technical assistance. The commercial agreement with technical assistance is the best way how to uncover specifics of the technology and compensate efforts of the company on development of the method. The international collaboration is envisaged as a lasting partnership until the technology is fully introduced into the recipient’s practice.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Types of partners - hospitals as well as medical or beauty care companies. Role of partner sought – introduction of the technology of enhanced skin renewal in their practice.
Stage of Development: 
Available for demonstration
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
For substances used no clinical research is needed as all components are approved for human use.
IPR Status: 
Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
UK patent. IP rights are fully owned by the company.
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