An Armenian producer of natural herbal teas is looking for trade intermediary services.

The Armenian company is specialized in the production of natural herbal teas. The company's production is already represented and is well known in local market. It also is exporting the products to foreign markets. The company is planning to expand its production in the near future and wants to enter new international markets. The company is looking for a distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement.
This Armenian company has been founded in 2018 and is rapidly grown since then. The company produces 4 types of exclusive mixes of herbal tea: - Warming bouquet (sea buckthorn, orange peel, peppermint); - Recency bouquet (chamomile, melissa, ginger, lemon); - Vesperum bouquet (peppermint, cinnamon, and anise); - Inspiration bouquet (tilia, rose, vanilla). The company uses both wild herbs and grown for the company use herbs. All the company's production is natural, without any additives or coloring. The company prepares its product by ''all by hands'' principle starting from collection to packaging which helps to ensure high-quality control and unique test of the product. The company uses special technology to produce custard tea in tea bags, which makes it more practical and easy to use both in a teapot and in a cup. The company uses special technology for drying the herbs and the berries used in the product. The herbs are being dried in specially ventilated rooms without sun, which helps to keep the fresh and natural test and aroma of herbs. The berries are being dried under 40 degrees temperature, to keep the vitamins and natural test. The company uses special bolts which help to clean the dried herbs and at the same time keep them unbroken and not damaged. The company’s production is already well known in the local market and is represented in almost all supermarket chains and specialized stores. The company also has an experience of international cooperation: the company’s production is being exported to the USA, Russia, and the Netherlands. The company is planning to enlarge its production activities in the near future and is looking for new sales opportunities abroad. The company is looking for a distribution services agreement to sell its production in new markets, as well as commercial agency agreement, as wants its production to be represented abroad.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for food or tea distributors to sell the company’s production in foreign markets under distribution services agreement. The company also wants its production to be represented and promoted in foreign markets and is looking for agents, that are interested in co-operating under a commercial agency agreement.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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