Austrian competence centre for excellent technologies in the healthcare sector seeks industrial and research partners for joint applications in European Funding Programmes

An Austrian company and funded R&D centre develops innovative strategies for stroke prevention and rehabilitation. The research and transfer facility provides access to large healthy and patient cohorts, expert knowledge of conventional and tele-rehabilitation, motion analysis, user involvement, conduct and dissemination of clinical trials. The centre seeks partners under a research agreement to collaborate in relevant funding proposals such as Horizon 2020 ICT or AAL Call 2020.
The Austrian company is a research centre on vascular ageing and stroke and is funded by a national programme to transfer scientific results into industrial applications. With scientific shareholders the company is a national competence centre in the field of stroke prevention and rehabilitation, which extends from motion analysis and prevention training to neuro-rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation. The company wants to participate in European Funding Programmes in particular in ICT and AAL calls. They are looking for partners/consortium for joint applications. Partners may benefit from the centre's extensive international collaborative network consisting of universities, companies, hospitals and health care organisations, to integrate clinical and implementation research with technology transfer and clinical translation. Through its access to large healthy and patient cohorts and extensive experience in patient and public involvement, the centre may complement a consortium of partners from industry and academia. Its in-depth knowledge of health parameter monitoring, disease development and goal-oriented prevention strategies for achieving sustainable behaviour changes in at-risk populations could be interesting for partners applying for calls within the "health, demographic change and wellbeing" programme. The multiprofessional rehabilitation and health science team has a longstanding experience in the integration and coordination of interventions along the continuum of care. They are experienced in the use of modern movement tracking and training devices and interactive technologies. Team members are dedicated to contributing to the development and targeting of novel information and communication technologies for healthcare and home environments. Partners may benefit from the centre's experience in feasibility, implementation and efficacy studies for testing new digital solutions. In addition, public health priorities comprise ambitious health promotion and prevention programmes in young and older people and knowledge transfer to the public. The Austrian centre is looking for industrial or academic partners to join a consortium for a European research project such as H2020 ICT or AAL Call 2020. The research company offers its services, clinical and scientific know-how to scientific and commercial partners and is also interested in starting further non EU-funded research cooperation.
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The Austrian company is looking for partners from industry and academia to apply for Horizon2020 funding calls adressing topics in ICT and Active Assisted Living (AAL). They are also interested in starting non-funded research cooperation with international academic and/or industrial partners.
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