Austrian provider of crop management solutions based on satellite technology for agricultural use is looking for licence agreement partners

Based on satellite technology, weather and sensor data and plant growth models, this Austrian company creates multi-spectral field maps that contain valuable information to create prescriptions for irrigation schedules, nitrogen management, drought- and biomass-monitoring. The company is looking for partners under a licensing agreement. The service is provided via web-app for use directly on agricultural vehicles.
This Austrian company provides satellite-based image software for irrigation-scheduling, nitrogen management, drought- and biomass-monitoring, as well as delineation of soil zones. The product offers value-added geospatial information including descriptive and prescriptive data analytics (on web-based interfaces). The product can also be integrated in existing machines (e.g. tractors) or software packages. Custom-indicators could be developed on demand. In comparison to competitors, the product is based on scientifically validated methodologies. The raw, satellite-based information can be processed through descriptive and prescriptive data analytics to yield user-friendly crop management indicators. The processed data are passed on via API, which in turn can be integrated into any web-based application of the partner. The applications give concrete advice to farmers, be it irrigation requirements (based on satellite images, weather data and plant growth models) or fertilizer application needs based on crop productivity maps. These applications also allow for the monitoring of crop growth development and droughts. The format of the products varies with the requirements of the customers. It can be directly integrated into the vehicles of customers, or sold as apps and web-applications. The biggest potential for these products is in countries/territories with a strong need for optimised use of irrigation and fertilizers; due to climate change, more and more regions are facing this challenge. The company is looking for B2B partners that either need multispectral field maps of agricultural land for their operations or distribution retailers that have the capacity to integrate crop management applications into their product portfolio. The company seeks long-term Licence agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company looks for licencees (partners) with a wide user base in the agricultural sector and who offer other agricultureal products and services (e.g. manufacturer of tractors; retailers of agricultural machines; farm software providers; irrigation systems providers; fertilizer companies…). The partners are typically intermediaries that integrate these solutions into their product portfolio. Technical know-how and resources of integrating these solutions into partners‘ products and/or services is needed.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Basic technical know-how and resources of integrating API-shared data into partners‘ products and/or services is needed.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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