Austrian SME is looking for a water micropump with high flow rate at low storage space

An Austrian company is looking for a water micropump with specific properties to be incorporated into a commercial product they are currently developing. The company is interested in existing solutions, possibly to be further customised or developed jointly, under a commercial or technical cooperation agreement. The challange is the pumping of relatively high fluid flow at little available space.
The Austrian company is a tech startup based in Vienna employing an interdisciplinary team of technicians, physicists, biologists and designers, who are developing a commercial product for household usage. Details of the product are given in the initiation process of a possible collaboration. For the product development a micropump with specific properties is currently sought for integration. The crucial challenge for the micropump is the delivery of a comparable high flow rate at lowest available space. The Austrian company is seeking companies that have already developed such a device (already in the market) or at least have a fully-working prototype, to integrate the micropump into their devices and systems under a commercial agreements with technical assistance. The technology can be adapted to specific requirements under technical co-operation. Since the product is going to be available on a commercial scale, readiness for mass production readiness would be positively evaluated.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Partners sought: industrial or technological partners with already existing technologies or working prototypes of micropumps. Partners are expected to provide a suitable technical solution and possibly support or customisation together with the Austrian company. The available technical solution should meet given specifications or should work near given limits. In case of an existing or easily customisable solution, the companies will establish a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Alternatively, the companies will collaborate under a technical cooperation agreement in the design and test of the new machine while the partner will carry out the technical development.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Partners are expected to have access to a solutions that are in line with or close to the company requirements. The main technical specifications of the request are: - Flow medium: water at room temperature; amount of gas < 1% - Flow rate: 60-120 ml/min. - Backpressure: 0,1m (1kPa) or more - Negative suction pressure: 0,1m (1kPa) or more - Available space for the pump including power unit without housing: < 2 milliliter - Electric power supply: if possible in the low voltage area < 35V
Stage of Development: 
Under development/lab tested
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Copyright
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