Belgian engineering and design company is looking for a full-service manufacturing partner to supply a range of electronic devices and small electromechanical machines

The Belgian engineering and design company performs engineering projects to develop new products and devices for several clients in different markets. They are currently looking for a full-service manufacturing partner able to source, manufacture and assemble small electronic devices for (portable) machines as well as to handle quality testing, packaging and logistics. The company ultimately aims for a long-term collaboration to handle the range of manufacturing projects from different clients.
The Belgian engineering and design company develops for already more than a decade a variety of products for several clients active in sectors like health, industry & machinery, products & devices. The company employs in-house mechanical engineers, hard- and firmware engineers and industrial designers who develop the products / devices together with the in-house design team. The products / devices to be manufactured have many shapes and forms and are used in a wide variety of industries. Low voltage devices, electronic installations, machinery and medical devices are some of the examples of the products concerned. The company is currently looking for a manufacturing partner for (smaller) electronic devices and small electromechanical machines to provide them with a dedicated manufacturing partner who can work work with clients preferences and prevent supply chain management problems or sourcing issues. Some pictures are enclosed to better illustrate the range of devices / machines that the company developed in the past. The manufacturer sought needs to be able to make similar types of products. The requested quantities to be manufactured vary from 500 to 100.000 units per year. A simple manufacturer relationship with one-off projects will be the first step. The final goal however is to establish a personal supplier partnership in order to manufacture products for all their clients. The ultimate partnership sought is a long-term manufacturing agreement in line with the steady income of manufacturing projects and long-term commitments from the company’s clients.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The manufacturing partner sought should be able to manage the entire supply chain including repairs, recalls and logistics. The partner will have an active role in optimizing BOM (= Bill of Materials) cost by sourcing and design feedback and will be involved form the start of the project bringing ideas and feedback on manufacturing methods. There is no guarantee thata every project will lead to a successful creation of a product, so the partner should take into account that the initial project ideas do not necessarily lead to a manufacturing order. Maintaining the entire supply chain in Europe is preferred, but is not a must. The partner should be able to handle larger quantities by (semi) automation. Nevertheless he should be capable to handle smaller quantities when required. Quantities requested can vary between 500 and 100.000 units per year. Moreover the partner should be able to handle quality control testing, packaging and logistics.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The partner sought is a full-service manufacturing partner, able to manufacture and/or to subcontract or source all required mechanical, electrical and electronics components or parts and assemble the complete product. Examples of sourced (electro)mechanical components are motors, actuators, displays, screws, springs,.... Examples of required tailor-made electric and electronic parts are circuit boards, programmable logic controllers, custom cables, tailor-made wire harnesses,.... Examples of required manufacturing techniques for mechanical parts are injection molding, die-casting, sheet metal forming, machining,....
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The company has several projects generating a range of products in different stages of development. Nearly all phases of development are applicable (from “under development” to“available for demonstration”) depending on the specific product and project. The company prefers to start the collaboration with its partner at an early stage in the timeline of the development of their projects.
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