Belgian SME offering an energy efficient solution for the monitoring of boiler performance is looking for partners to cooperate in H2020 and Green Deal Call projects on energy efficiency in buildings.

A Belgian SME developed a solution that allows the optimization of existing boilers and the timely and cost-efficient replacement of underperforming ones. They offer their solution and expertise to increase energy efficiency, to consortia preparing for H2020 Calls on energy efficiency of buildings & forthcoming Green Deal Call topics under area 4 Energy & resource efficient buildings, under research cooperation agreement.
The Brussels based SME is a young, dynamic start-up company that has been created in 2019 as a spin-off from a large Belgian energy provider. They are specialized in the monitoring of energy performance of boilers and have developed a small device ,produced in Belgium, that can be easily installed on a boiler / heating system to monitor the energy use. The product is connected to an on-line monitoring platform that helps the end-user to control its energy use contributing to less GHG-emissions and leading to significant cost savings on energy bills. According to the European Union, buildings are one of the biggest energy consumers and carbon emitters in the continent, and companies own a wide range of buildings which are reported to consume 40% of the total final energy consumption and reject 36% of CO2. This is why it is urgent to optimise energy consumption of buildings, as they have a major impact on climate change. The recently adopted “Integration strategy” strives for cleaner power systems, with more direct electrification of end-use sectors such as heating of buildings and transport and the creation of a more circular energy system. The start-up offers a solution that supports these objectives and fully fits into a circular business model approach. The solution offered by the SME is focused on making central heating systems smart. The remote monitoring solution with a focus on preventive maintenance, performance and efficiency is built on real boiler data and the Internet of Things, using predictive analytics to secure correct boiler operation and to manage maintenance costs. The solution is very simple to install and can be quickly connected to the installation of any type of gas boiler system. The device will read the installation’s behavior and custom warnings setting which will be accessible to the service provider via an online platform access with live data and more. Predictive algorithms can alert weeks before the customer experiences any discomfort. This warning allows to anticipate and plan an intervention by a qualified technician, thus avoiding an actual breakdown and the discomfort that often comes with it. Moreover, the monitoring helps to indicate and optimize settings for the boiler leading to savings that can reach up to 30% of primary energy use and up to 1t of CO2 emissions. The innovative sensor based remote monitoring solution improves heating systems as well as buildings’ energy efficiency. It is used by maintenance companies, property owners, insurers, social housing, utility companies and home owners and since the start of the company more than 1 billion measurements have already been carried out. The company takes sustainable development goals as the main driver of their activities and is already operational in 5 European countries (Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland and UK). They are supported by a regional investment fund to foster their further development as are they looking to scale up their activities within the Belgian market and beyond. They are also developing solutions for large heating installations, including boilers, collectors, heat pumps, cogenerations, ventilation groups and sub-stations. In the view of increasing and sharing their knowhow in this market the company, is looking for research partners and technology partners to cooperate also in H2020 projects on smart buildings, in particular under call LC-SC3-B4E-3-2020 ‘Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment’ and forthcoming Green Deal Call topics under area 4 Energy & resource efficient buildings, under research cooperation agreement.
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The SME is looking for a coordinator and consortia that is planning to submit a proposal for outstanding H2020 Calls on energy efficiency in particular Call LC-SC3-B4E-3-2020 ‘Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment’ (deadline for submission 10 September 2020 )and the forthcoming Green Deal Call notably for the following topics covered under area 4 Energy & resource efficient buildings. Preliminary information on the call is available on the EC website: where draft topic texts are only available. The Green Deal Call is expected to be launched on 18 September 2020 with a deadline beginning 2021. The SME is open to expression of interest on this call till 15th December. This innovative predictive monitoring and maintenance tool can be integrated as part of the energy management systems in pilot demonstration buildings and could be used more broadly to test the energy performance of boiler systems. The SME is also offering its tools and expertise for research cooperation agreement in relation with its R&D activities. In line with their up-scaling strategy the company is also open to explore further technology cooperation with other technology partners. The SME has credentials and experience working with large energy providers, private businesses such as maintenance operators and installation companies, social housing organizations, insurers as well as property owners. They are supported by a regional investment fund and eager to scale up their activities in line with their mission to fight climate change by improving energy efficiency and supporting the efforts to go green for a sustainable future.
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Already on the market
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Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
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