Bendable track systems with controlled carriage for automation applications

An Austrian-based SME develops and produces bendable track systems, which can be easily changed from linear to curved tracks. The high flexibility and the innovative modular system offer new opportunities for automation for measurement companies as well as for novel production methods in several industries (e.g. creative industry). The company is interested in finding new fields of application under commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or technical cooperation agreements.
The Austrian SME is a developer and manufacturer of slider systems mainly for filming and photography as well as for scientific/industrial measuring purposes. They have developed highly innovative and bendable track systems which can be easily changed from linear to curved tracks and adopted to any radius and length within a view seconds. This flexibility and the modular system offer new possibilities for automating processes in the civil/measurement engineering industry as well as for novel filming/photography techniques in the creative industries. The system is offered with different motor types to provide different features, such as high speed, high precision (mm), super silent gliding, upside down tracks. Specifications: -The patented system comes in two different track sizes: V1: 70 mm wide / 65 mm high and V2: 140 mm wide / 65 mm high. -The modular tracks can be shortened and extended to any desired length, from 50 cm to several hundred meters. - Smallest possible radius (near-circular effect): V1: 1,500 mm - 250 mm radius; V2: 5,000 mm - 1,000 mm radius. - Maximum speed (depending on load weight): V1: 2,.5 m/s; V2: 2,.5 m/s. - Maximum load capacity (for smooth gliding): V1: 4,.5 kg; V2: 15 kg. The slider system has been fully tested and works reliably also under harsh conditions (-25°C to +40°C, high humidity). Non-friction ball bearings allow smooth gliding of the carriage and ensure high stability of light and heavy loads. Easy mounting and dismounting saves a lot of time during live production or in the case of frequent changes of location or applications. Furthermore, the flexibility of the rails, the modular system and light weight of the entire system reduces time, space and effort of transportation and storage. The mounted carriage can be controlled via mobile app, Digital Multiplex (DMX) control via joystick, pedals and other control units. Acceleration, speed, ping-pong effect, time lapse and other features can be controlled easily. This also allows for frequent and easy change of position in automation application. The slider system has already been successfully applied for various purposes and in different areas: • Creative film and photography industry: studio productions, concerts and live events, photo and time lapse productions; • Scientific purposes: photogrammetry, face scan, medical, biomedical and other scientific measurements; • Other industrial measurement applications. The company is interested in finding new fields of application and further developing and improving the system together with an industry partner. Such new types of application could include, for example, automating industrial processes, moving or sliding parts, product handing or movement. The company offers cooperation types under commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or technical cooperation agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The SME is looking for industrial partners (eg automation industry) to further develop the system and find new fields of application. Potential partners are interested to implement the slider system for automated filming, scanning and/or measuring in different areas.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The product is on the market since November 2017.
IPR Status: 
Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
Patented system in Europe and the USA
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