British manufacturer of innovative recycling bins seeks EU-wide agents and distributors.

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A UK (London -based) design company producing modular recycling bins of their own design is seeking agents and distributors for the marketing and distribution of its products in other EU countries, acting under a distribution or a commercial agency agreement.
Established in 2018, the UK company has designed a unique modular recycling bin. Each bin consists of 2 or more magnetic modules. The modules are currently available in the following sizes 11 litre diamond-shaped recycling module 7.5 litre triangular recycling module. Both these modules… - are made from smooth polypropylene (PP). - are currently available in white, light grey and purple. - stick to one another using 2 magnetic (multi-pole/self-mating) bands, which are affixed using high-quality TESA 4965 adhesive. The recycling bins have been designed so that they are suitable for indoor use in private households such as bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, as well as commercial venues such as offices. They can also be used in commercial/contract environments such as schools, offices, and hotels, and due to their colours blend into the decor. The bins can also be utilised as storage units, and due to them being able to be stacked or having the ability to stick together can also provide space-saving storage units. The bins have been designed to be user-friendly and also provide stickers to encourage children to also recycle items. The UK company is seeking an agent under a commercial agency agreement to represent their products to expand into new markets, the benefit of this partnership will be that the agent will already have established relationships. The UK company also has a robust manufacturing process so it could enter into a distribution agreement, in supplying large orders to supply wholesalers and retailers.
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The UK company is seeking either a commercial agency or distribution agreement with the aim of expanding its products into new markets. The products can be utilised by both the commercial and residential market as the aim of the product is to encourage recycling practices, the product can also be utilised as a storage unit and a space saver. Ideally, the commercial agency agreement should be with agents who are currently engaged in the sale and marketing of waste collection/recycling products and household goods as they will already have the required database of potential customers. The company is also open to work directly with distributors with suppliers of office and homeware under a distribution agreement.
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Already on the market
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Design Rights
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