A Bulgarian company in the industrial shelving systems is looking for distributors in Europe.

A Bulgarian company involved in the industrial shelving, pallet rack systems, medium weight rack systems and special rack systems is looking for distributors and commercial agents throughout Europe. The company is offering to sign a distribution agreement for its products or a commercial agency agreement for projects based on specific weight, mobility, and building requirements.
A Bulgarian company that is offering industrial shelving and rack systems for pallets, medium weight and special storage is looking for distributors for its products. The company is also looking for commercial agents throughout Europe to cooperate via providing price quotes, time frames for manufacturing and installation for specific projects based on the required weight of stored materials, mobility requirements for the storage systems and size and layout of the building where the installations will take place. The racking systems are OHSAS, ISO, CE, TÜV, CISI certified. The pallet racks are suitable for all commercial spaces, various goods and storage machines for specific projects. The frames are made according to each warehouse and customer requirements without a height limit. The load-bearing beams are assembled without tools and special skills and allow for flexible use.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for partners with well-established networks within multiple industries like retail, food and beverage, automotive etc. that are in need of storage solutions for their warehouses. The company is offering to sign distribution agreements for their modular ready-made systems. The company is also offering commercial agency agreements for heavier projects based on specific requirements for building shelving based on available space, weight requirements, mobility requirements etc.
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Already on the market
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