Bulgarian milk analyzers manufacturer is offering distribution and service agreements opportunities

Bulgarian company is specialized in design, development and manufacture of milk analyzers and other special testing equipment and products for dairy and food industry. The company is offering distribution service agreements and service agreements partnerships to companies from dairy and food industry.
The Bulgarian company has over 20 years of industry experience plus enormous academic researches results in a huge range of electronic ultrasonic milk analyzers, special lab and technological equipment and electronic devices in dairy and food industry. Based on customers’ feedback and needs the company continuously improve its instruments and create novel resource-efficient and cost-effective solutions to help their business achieve profit and growth. Their efforts are also directed at creating products that help reduction of food losses and waste on farm and along the value-chain. The company has 3250 m2 of production and 900 m2 of warehouse facilities. The company is offering latest developments - measuring equipment for accurate mastitis and milk quality control as follows: automated somatic cell counter (SCC), automated hybrid milk analyzer for SCC and milk parameters (fat, protein, total solids, etc.), real-time milk analysis via direct simple connection to milking robots, automated hybrid milk analyzer with fully-automated milk sampling. The company provides its customers with cost-effective products, but never at the expense of quality. The quality is the first pillar of their business strategy for commercial excellence. They always strive to sell top quality products that meet and even exceed customers’ expectations. Their quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 provides a framework for measuring and improving their products and customer services. The company is looking for establishing distribution service agreements and services agreements partnerships for their latest developments - measuring equipment for accurate mastitis and milk quality control.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Bulgarian company is seeking partnership out of EU. Application areas of the product could be: dairy farms with a conventional milking parlor, dairy farms with robotic milking machines, milk processing plants, veterinary and dairy laboratories, mobile labs for milk collection. The company is looking for distribution services partnerships with experienced traders of laboratory equipment and instruments for the dairy and food industry and consumer electronics. Potential partners in service contracts could be dairy farms, laboratories, processing plants, and others.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
The company owns an invention patent and a protected trademark for an electronic ultrasound analyzer. The company's products are certified in a number of European and non-European countries.
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