Bulgarian producer of advanced water treatment reagent - a high-basicity polyaluminium chloride Ssulfate composite solution, for drinking & waste waters, and for industrial effluents, is looking for distributors

A Bulgarian research and manufacturing company is offering an advanced water treatment reagent produced under patented technology - a high-basicity polyaluminium chloride sulfate composite solution, for cleaning applications in treatment of drinking water, sewage and industrial effluents. It’s a universal mean of highly efficient and effective coagulation, flocculation and sorption. The company is looking for partners interested in distribution services agreement in EU and UK.
In 1976 a unique technology (first and one-of-a-kind in the world) for the production of polyaluminium chloride based on dissolution of metallic aluminium by Hydrochloric acid in internal electrolysis conditions has been patented. In 1994 the basic technology has been further developed and the new generation high-efficiency complex coagulant-flocculant-sorbent has been introduced as a universal means of coagulation, flocculation and sorption of a wide range of dissolved and suspended substances: dispersoids, plankton, and humus compounds; petroleum products; other organic and inorganic substances. Its efficiency has been proved in cleaning water in numerous Drinking & Waste Water Treatment Plants and in lots of Industrial applications. It is also a solution for applications, such as: - A suitable pre-treatment reagent of raw water for membrane water treatment systems, boiler and cooling tower waters; - Mining industry; smelters, paper production, etc.; - Wastewater from ships (bilge water); - Animal farms and Food processing (dairy production, meat processing, etc.); - Emergency situations and Natural disaster relief; - Outdoor activities, as well as for swimming pools treatment, etc. Bulgarian company will support the distributor through trainings, advertisement material, joint meetings with important potential and existing clients, methodology for laboratory or industrial product tests and other support, if requested. Distribution services agreement is the most appropriate form for long term cooperation, since both parties will be interested to reach the agreed common targets.
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Type: The company is looking to cooperate with distributors in EU and UK that are dealing with products used in treatment of drinking water, sewage and industrial effluents. Usually, among the clients of such distributor are: - Public/ municipal entities or concessioners of drinking water providers; - Operators of waste water cleaning facilities, both household and mixed; - Operators of processed and waste industrial water cleaning facilities: agri-food industry, agriculture, river and sea ports; - Operators of swimming pools, water amusement parks. Role: The future partner will actively promote the product within its sales network, during events and through direct marketing. It will monitor and apply in public procurements.
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