Bulgarian producer and trader of healthcare products is looking for commercial agency and distribution agreements in the EU.

This Bulgarian company is producing and trading with a wide range of products in the fast growing niche of natural, healthy food and cosmetics, over-the-counter healthcare products. The incoming requests from customers located in EU countries are growing fast and it is looking for partners under commercial agency or a distribution agreement to respond accordingly. Company's bestsellers abroad are specific natural and healthcare products that are particular and originate in Bulgaria.
The company is a small family-owned business but gradually has become a well-known brand in Bulgaria for healthy products, bio, organic and over-the-counter food supplements and natural cosmetics. "Over-the-counter" means that the natural healthcare products of the company are sold by ordinary retail purchase, with no need for a medical prescription or license. The company started as a Bulgarian information portal, where people can find lots of information about natural medicine, diseases, herbs, nutrition, diets and more. Subsequently, the company opened own store, which offers a huge range of health products including healthy foods, herbs and herbal products, nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics and other bio products. It also sells online through its platform, developed in Bulgarian and in English. In the beginning of 2016 it opened own logistics center. It supplies products within the European Union to its customers. The bestseller products of the company to foreign customers through its online store are: - Mountain tea (Sideritis scardica); - Elderberry syrup under own recipe (Sambucus nigra); - Milk thistle oil (Silybum marianum); - Black seed oil (Nigella Satica); - Nettle leaf powder; - Jerusalem artichoke (sunroot) powder (Helianthus tuberosus); - Aronia powder; - Nettle powder; - Own recipe for branded over-the-counter drops to decrease and regulate the blood sugar. The company is looking for commercial agents and/or distributors in the EU countries. Currently it sells in several foreign countries through the online platform. The reason for its search is the growing number of incoming orders from end customers in the EU countries. In order to respond to the foreign interest, the company is looking to optimize its logistics and delivery to foreign markets and is looking to do this through finding local trade representatives under commercial agency or distribution agreements. The Bulgarian company will provide support through complete information, promotional materials, timely response to incoming questions, training and consultations to its partners on the properties of its specific healthy bio products, joint participation and presentations to events. The advantages for the foreign partner will be: - expanded portfolio of specific products in a continuously growing niche; - existing customers of the brand to start with and to expand from this base; - competitive prices for the products; - excellent price/quality ratio that could optimize the profit margin in the supply chain; - potential for gaining exclusivity representation upon reaching certain volume of sales.
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The company seeks contact with SMEs with experience in wholesale and retail of healthy products, spices, food supplements, organic and bio products, both online through e-platforms and offline through bio-stores and over-the-counter healthy products shops. The ideal partner would be a commercial agent or a distributor to a network of healthy food stores or through its own platform. The partner will manage the growing incoming requests for its own country. Exclusivity agreement is possible based on expanding the sales volume to a certain level. Detailed terms will be negotiated.
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