A Bulgarian woodworking company specialized in crafted wood furniture is looking for commercial agents worldwide

A Bulgarian woodworking company that has specialized in designer woodwork for many years is looking for commercial agents abroad. The company is working to clients' specifications and is helping with preparing proposals, designs and drawings for end-users. The company is offering commercial agency agreements to interested parties in the interior design, architecture and building industries. Furniture from real wood is the company's signature products.
A Bulgarian company that has worked with massive wood material from white pine and spruce, deciduous oak, walnut, ash, maple and others is now looking for international partners. The company is ready to produce high-quality wooden items based on specifications. The company can help with the design, styling and choice of the right material for any project that involves handmade woodcraft. The company manufactures both standard and unique products that one can not find in the store. The materials they use are solid wood, chipboard and MDF boards. Three-layer wooden windows with double glazing, interior doors, wood beams, wooden floors, siding and unique tables and chairs are just some of their products. The company is now looking to establish international relations with interior designers, high-end builders, architects, luxury hotel chains, luxury SPA resort chains, freelance agents linked to the building industry etc. In the production cycle only quality wood, varnishes and impregnants are used, compliant with the European quality standards and ecologically clean materials. Individual projects are tailored to the customer's requirements and needs. The company has specialized in crafted tables, tabletops, chairs, lounges, garden furniture, saunas, relax rooms, SPA furniture, external and internal cladding, wooden clocks and many other tops of the line, designer items from massive wood has outgrown its local market. The company is offering a commercial agency agreement.
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The company is looking for commercial agents either with specialization in the building industry or with links to high-end SPA resorts, luxury hotel chains, high-end buildings and luxury living. The company is offering a commercial agency agreement.
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Already on the market
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