A Chinese company offering a hospital smart bedside card system solution seeks European partners via a distribution services agreement

The Chinese company is dedicated to display and embedded intelligent software application solution R&D and manufacturing. Currently, they have developed a kind of smart bedside card system solution that can be used in hospitals, for information exchange among doctors, nurses, patients and families. They are now looking for European distributors to explore their products’ European market via a distribution services agreement.
This is a Chinese company specialised in professional display and embedded intelligent software application R&D and manufacturing. The company is committed to bringing screen vision and human-computer interaction solutions to people’s daily life. The Chinese company has always been customer-centric. Through technological and business model innovation, it strives to bring benefits to its partners. In new retail area, smart Internet of Things industry has won business opportunities increasingly. The Chinese company's main products include liquid display modules (LCM), man-machine interface devices (HIM), electronic display labels (ESL) and android control panels. They have deep business cooperation with a number of famous enterprises. For a long time, the Chinese company has learned that more and more hospitals have an urgent technology request for hospital information management construction. These hospitals pursue better patient experience as well as efficient digital management system. To meet these hospital technology requests, the Chinese company has developed this kind of hospital smart bedside card system solution. Currently the Chinese company’s label signs, smart bedside card software and hardware products have been widely used home and abroad, and its language system covers Chinese, English and Japanese versions. They have typical cases such as in-depth cooperation with Japanese listed companies. Currently, the Chinese company seeks European distributors to expand the hospital smart bedside card system solution’s European market. The Chinese company also can provide customisation service according to potential customer technology requests. Potential cooperation could be via a distribution services agreement. Other cooperation method also could be in consideration.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Chinese company is looking for potential European distributors for their hospital smart bedside card system solution promotion in European market. Potential distributors who have similar medical instruments sales channels and experience are best. Potential distributors need learn about their local hospital and nursing home’s information management construction requests and give an accurate solution recommendation according to their request. Potential European distributors need to have a stable capital flow to ensure a long-term and stable cooperation with the Chinese company. The Chinese company also will give fully technical support during the products installation and usage process.
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Already on the market
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