A Chinese robot investment company seeks European service (or special) robot products via a distribution service agreement.

This is a Chinese robot investment company mainly undertaking the responsibility of robot industry investment, merger and acquisition, construction of robot industrial centers and smart manufacturing industry innovation service platforms. According to their business expansion strategy, they are looking for service (or special) robot products from the European market. Potential cooperation could be via a distribution service agreement.
This is a Chinese high-tech robotic automation enterprise engaged in robot products R&D and manufacturing. The company is dedicated to digital intelligent equipment manufacturing and it is a leading integrated manufacturer in the global robot product area. The company has built four robot industrial parks and a special robotics investment headquarters in China. The company has a R&D innovation team composed of more than 3,700 staff. The company has formed a complete industrial value chain integrated with independent core technologies, kernel components, leading products and business system solutions. With its steady input in technical innovation, the company sees an annual growth of more than 100 patents. The company’s business covers multi areas including industrial robots, intelligent logistics, automation equipment, clean equipment, laser technology equipment, rail transit, energy conservation, environmental protection equipment, special and intelligent service robots and other areas of industrial cluster development. By far, the company's product line is complete and its total market value is ranking the first at home in the robotics industry. Currently, in order to comply with their business expansion, European service (or special) robot products are in their urgent need to meet domestic customer requirements. The Chinese company prefers a distribution service agreement. Other cooperation methods also can be in consideration.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Chinese company looks for European service (or special) robotic products via a distribution service agreement. Potential European robotic industry partners should be able to provide mature products that can be used in different scenarios directly.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The needed service (or special) robot products include: 1. Agricultural robot: The main agricultural robot products' functions include: gardening, fruit/ flower picking, weeding, seeding, fertilizing, planting, monitoring, grazing, milking, and etc. 2. Catering retail robot: Food and beverage robots are supposed to be mainly applied to serve as a bartender, a barista, or those for reception, food delivery , cooking, sales, shopping guide, unmanned retail vehicles, and unmanned containers, etc. 3. Medical / rehabilitation robot: Medical robots are a series of robots or automated products that take humans as service target and partially replace or assist medical workers. According to medical application scenarios, it is divided into four systems: surgical robotics system, rehabilitation robotics system, auxiliary robotics system, and medical service robotics system. 4. Industrial underwater robot: Underwater robots work safely and strongly, saving people's physical strength. Underwater monitoring robots can be used for dam detection, water quality monitoring, underwater pipelines and cables inspection and other scenarios. Underwater operation robots can realise various types of underwater operations such as underwater dredging, underwater mining, deep-sea archaeology, underwater scientific research, marine ecological restoration, and criminal detection, etc. Underwater rescue robots can be used for search and rescue, salvage, photography, criminal investigation, and ship propeller rescue, etc. 5. If a potential European partner has other innovation robotic products, the Chinese company is also open to having a further talk with them. A potential partner should be able to provide mature robotic products that can be used in different application scenarios directly.
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