A cloud-based energy management system for large-scale electricity consumers

A Macedonian company offers a cloud-based energy management system, easily and non-expensively installed, integrating existing measuring instruments. The solution enables real-time monitoring of the energy consumption from any smart device. Partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.
Electrical power consumption is usually the largest expenditure for large industrial facilities and at the same time it also has great potential for reduction by optimizing the energy across different operations and processes. Many of the current market solutions available for companies interested in the concept of energy management require high investment, particularly in terms of hardware while offering limited functional flexibility of the overall system. A Macedonian spin-off company from local university has developed a cloud-based energy management system particularly suitable for the companies from the process and heavy industry, but also for other big energy consumers like facilities from the public sector. The aim of the solution is to secure most optimal electrical energy usage by gathering and analysing the energy consumption data and identifying the main components of the user’s electrical energy scheme and potential improvement areas. The data management is done in real time enabling prompt and accurate prediction of the energy effectiveness and proposing improvement measures accompanied with an analysis of their return on investment. Additional feature is the identification of the energy losses in the overall production process (e.g. by thermal screening of heaters/coolers, and similar). The system is composed of multipurpose network of measuring instruments that collect all relevant electricity parameters (voltages, currents, active power, reactive power, power factor, active energy, reactive energy) intended for telemetric monitoring and analysis from any smart device. The measuring instruments are applied in the distribution board where current transformers are connected to the individual circuits, thus enabling continuous, accurate energy reading and data transmission in real time. Integration of the proposed system with the measurement equipment from other manufactures is also possible. Connected to a broadband server in the cloud, users are able to monitor the energy consumption through dashboard visualizations, trend logs and reports, hence enabling them to make smarter management decisions resulting in increased energy efficiency and savings, all from the convenience of their computer, tablet or smartphone. The software operation is easy and largely automated, allowing the user to receive predefined report for a certain period of time, invoice simulation and to receive alert when exceeding certain limits. The software functionalities can be easily modified according to the customer needs. The Macedonian company is offering the technology to energy sector companies working with industrial clients. The partners will benefit from introducing new, affordable and efficient solution in their existing portfolio of products/services while the Macedonian company will increase its market presence and clients base. Preferred type of cooperation is commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner sought: Companies working in the energy sector offering solutions for electricity energy management and efficiency mainly intended for industrial clients. Role of the partner sought: Interested partners are expected to include the proposed solution in their existing portfolio of products/services under the terms of commercial agreement with technical assistance. Tasks to be performed: The partners should be willing to acquire the proposed technology and to adopt/adapt it in its energy efficiency solutions by further developing the system. The Macedonian partner will provide necessary technical assistance.
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