Company from Bosnia and Herzegovina, specialized in consulting services for the ICT sector, is looking for partners under services agreement

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The company located in Bosnia and Herzegovina is looking for partners from the ICT sector from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and North Macedonia, under a services agreement. The company is specialized in delivering custom made soft skills training. It believes in a healthy organizational culture in the ICT industry and equal opportunities for every employee in achieving a maximum of their potential in the workplace, providing company good competitiveness on the market.
The company located in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina is offering custom made, practical and interactive soft skills trainings based on psychological theoretical and empirical research from areas like motivation, leadership, engagement, time, stress and talent management, communication, emotional intelligence and consulting on how to create healthy organizational culture in ICT industry in the Balkans. The custom made soft skills training are available as long and short term depending on company needs that are established via screening tools (psychological questionnaires) and interviews with management. All custom made soft skills training are interactive, based on practical techniques, role play and homework so they can be experienced in the real work context. The company is offering its services under the services agreement for the small and medium enterprise from the ICT sector. The company is looking for partners under services agreement in order to provide companies with specialized services, in order to spread their area of business. At the local level, the company already established cooperation with targeted companies. It is the right time to start work with companies international.
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The company is looking for partners for SME from ICT sector under a services agreement that is seeking good quality custom made soft skills training for their employees with a focus on building a healthy organizational culture based on trust.
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Already on the market
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