Conveyor belts integrated into mixer trucks dedicated to deliver concrete, cement and gravel

A French company develops and produces conveyors belts for concrete, cement and gravels. This technology allows to deliver the concrete easily, in only 7 minutes on construction sites and in a safe manner. Several models are already proposed as telescopic and rotative ones. The company is looking for partners interested in integrating these conveyor belts into mixer trucks through a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Today, mixer trucks convey concrete, or cement to building and construction sites. Once arrived, they deliver the concrete directly into wheelbarrow, carried by manpower, otherwise the cement is pumped thanks to big pumping systems to the exact point of delivery. The French company proposes a third alternative by using conveyor belts. Several materials could be transported through the conveyor belts: - concrete: all slump, dry and colored - gravels and sand, that can be delivered by a mixer truck - cement, drying one for breeze blocks 3 range of conveyor belts have been developed and are proposed: - simple conveyor rollers, - telescopic conveyors, - conveyors with rotative chute. All are made of steel and aluminium. They are directly integrated into the trucks, on a fixed position. As several trucks are used in Europe, the French company has developed conveyors for these different trucks, whatever their length and up to 16.5m, whatever the trademark of the truck, and whatever the used mixer. The integrated conveyor belts might be used for construction of individual houses or small buildings (height up to 9m for unloading), or for their renovation. This is really useful when access is difficult, or when the delivery should be made behind a wall, through doors or windows. The French company is looking for partners interested in integrating its conveyors belts onto trucks. These partners could be producers of ready mixed concrete or transport companies as mixer truck renting. Training of the drivers and training for maintenance is proposed. The French company offers commercial agreements with technical assistance.
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Searched partners could be : - Producers of ready mixed concrete - Transport companies as mixer truck renting The partners would have to integrate the conveyor into their trucks. The French company offers technical training and conveyor maintenance training under commercial agreement.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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