COVID-19 Distributors sought for AI diagnostic support solution for COVID-19 (tomography)

A Luxembourg based company commercialised a predictive healthcare application based on artificial intelligence to help doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions. The latest application assists radiologists to triage and detect patients with COVID-19 on computerized tomography scans with a sensitivity over 99%. An agreement to distribute services is sought.
The luxembourg SME has developped and commercialized a software solution that supports doctors diagnose and treat patient in a more efficient manner. This application can aid in the early detection of COVID-19 as the changes in computerized tomography features of lung images are faster as compared to that of nucleic acid. This early detection can help to significantly improve the patient’s survival rate and quality of life. This application can detect lesions and radiological features specific to COVID-19 pneumonia including ground glass opacities and mosiac attentuation patterns with an accuracy of more than 95%. The system comes with a prioritization function to sort cases with the most severe conditions for better resource allocation. Scan to report generation takes place within seconds automatically, saving time and optimizing the workflow of healthcare professionals. Lesions are identified and localised with a detailed quantitative analysis. Density of lesions is analysed to assist in the assessment of severity. Adjacent comparison of computerized tomography scans taken on different time frames can be displayed and analysed to track the progress of patient’s condition. Finally, This product can be integrated into the existing workflow and used within the premise of the hospital. This ensures the safety and privacy of patient data. Partners are sought to implement the proposed technology and commercialize it as quickly as possible due to the current crisis, in the form of services distribution agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type and role of partner sought: Test-bed partner (hospital) and distributor (with medical device experience)
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Available for demonstration
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Exclusive Rights
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