Croatian company offers their machining services under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

A Croatian company, SME with a long tradition in machining service, with focus on railway program, oil exploitation program and components for mechanical transmission of power is offering their service under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement to companies from the European Union - particularly in Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.
Croatian company is SME that produces certified quality products with traditional production program (machining). Almost all products are produced at the special request of the customer in agreement with the engineers. Company has more than one production program. Machining program includes production of components for mechanical transmission of power – gears, clutches, reduces, shafts, slewing rings and components for windmills and small hydro-power plants. Among the machining the most important program is railway program which consists of production and reparation of locomotive and wagon wheel sets (including spare parts for locomotives and wagons). Next production program is oil exploitation program within which company has long experience in production and reparation of gate valves, produce and reparation of oil well heads and reparation of oil pumping units. The company does not have the possibility of mass production. A Croatian company, with a long tradition and an expertise in machining is offering their services under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement to companies from the European Union.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Possible partners are companies, entrepreneurs from different sectors of industry, like manufacturers of machinery and hydraulic presses, construction equipment and agricultural machinery. Also, the company can offer machining of components for cement industry, paper industry and steelworks - potential partners can be companies that need a machining service for their positions (welded construction). Company offers services of overhauling of wheel sets and gearboxes for different purposes such as trams, metros, derezines, trains, etc. or making new ones. The company offers to manufacture products according to business partners needs and offers to become a subcontractor. The company expects manufacturing or subcontracting orders. Long-term partnerships is expected.
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Already on the market
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