Crop cultivation technology for combine harvester manufacturers

The Moldovan inventor propose a new technology for partial solving of the most important strategic tasks of each country in matters of food security, energy saving policy, preservation of ecology and natural resources. The inventor is proposing the new design of the combine harvester for manufacturing and the new technology for use. He is looking for manufacturing agreements with partners from countries were combine harvesters are manufactured as USA, Germany, Russia, Belarus and others.
The technology proposed by Moldovan inventor is a soil cultivation system that eliminates the main disadvantages of "No-till", "Mini-till", "Strip-till" and arable technology, and at the same time combines their advantages and it can be performed in different versions. It is possible to combine them by choosing those technological operations that are best suited for specific soil and climatic conditions. This solves the negative qualities of "No-till" "Mini-till" on the decomposition of the lower layers of the soil and their humus state (the introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers into the lower layers of the soil is not possible with the "No-till" "Mini-till" technology). The execution of combine harvester unit, allows in one pass, to carry out harvesting operations and the whole complex of pre-sowing, sowing and post-sowing works with the creation of two different mulching layers, the first is a soil mulching layer, and the second is an undisturbed mulch layer of plant residues that are scattered over the sown area fields. By changing the sequence of technological operations, all problems with plant residues inherent in other technologies are eliminated. The quality of sowing increases, since this occurs on clean soil from plant residues of the harvested crop (at this moment they are still inside the harvester) and on uncompressed soil with the wheels of harvesting machines and other equipment involved in harvesting. The time gap to zero between the execution of technological operations is eliminated (which allows the rational use of soil moisture) and this has a particularly important positive value, and due to the change in the sequence of performing technological operations, the quality of their performance is significantly increased, since this occurs in the most favorable conditions. The use of the proposed self-propelled crawler platform "bunker reloader" will shorten the harvest time, significantly reduce soil compaction, exclude or reduce the cost of post-harvest grain processing, and increase the efficiency of mineral fertilizers. The proposed method of cultivation of agricultural cultures and agricultural aggregates for its implementation significantly affects and changes the traditional foundations of agricultural cultivation. In this regard, the development of the design, the manufacture and testing of experimental samples of the proposed units must be preceded by a stage of a wide range of research works to determine the conditions and regions of its effective use. The results of the experimental work realized in Moldova could be presented to interested potential partners. In addition, it is necessary to interconnect the machines included in the harvesting-transport and tillage seeding complexes according to the proposed technologies, the formation of the initial requirements for them and the assessment of the need for them not only in the country that produces the harvesters, but also in the countries of consumers of grain harvesters. In this sense, the author of the invention could cooperate with interested partner and provide the know-how. The manufacturing agreement was selected as the cooperation type, as the desired outcome of the international partnership is expected to be the start of production of combine harvesters based on the proposed technology. The cooperation between partners should be based on mutual benefits. The author of the invention is interested to offer the whole technology for the negotiated share of units produced. The author could share the design samples with interested partners.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Producers of agricultural machines (combine harvester) that would be interested to produce the proposed unit in series or how would they like.
Stage of Development: 
Proposal under development
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
At the start of the development of the technology in 2010, the Eurasian Patent Office "EAPO" issued a patent. After receiving a patent, this technology was constantly being refined, improved, eliminating its negative qualities. Because of improvements, a technology has turned out with negligible negative qualities in comparison with other known technologies, but is not ready for patenting without the prototype available for demonstration.
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how,Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
Existing patent since 2010, issued by the Eurasian Patent Office "EAPO".
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