A drug discovery and development company offers its artificial intelligence (AI) platform for a co-development opportunity to find new medical uses for a chosen drug and/or to identify new drugs for a selected indication

A clinical-stage drug discovery and development company based in Barcelona, Spain is offering a risk-sharing, co-development opportunity to biotechnology and/or pharmaceutical companies to find new potential medical uses for their drug of choice and/or to identify new drugs for their selected indication, using the company’s artificial intelligence platform. The company is looking for technical cooperation agreement.
A clinical-stage drug discovery and development company based in Barcelona (Spain) has developed an efficient and predictive proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology for drug reprofiling. The AI platform has demonstrated success through the company’s first asset for Transthyretin Amyloidosis which reached Phase 2a completion in five years since its discovery in 2011 and was licensed for worldwide rights to a US-based pharmaceutical company. Recently, the technology has yet again proven its predictive accuracy through the Phase 2a milestone achieved by the company’s second asset for Huntington’s disease in the 3rd quarter of 2018. The discovery and identification process is dependent on the company’s proprietary AI technology which uses a database of biological targets comprising more than 300,000 ligands and a library composed of 10,000 compounds and molecules. It includes the use of the platform’s relevant software and predictive tools needed for the course of screening. Although the company’s business model is concentrated on the discovery and development of drugs for the CNS orphan disease space, its technology is not only limited to that therapeutic area, but is designed to perform its screenings and validations in a broad spectrum of medical indications such as in dermatology, ophthalmology, psychiatry and more. By leveraging its proprietary AI technology, the company is offering the opportunity for a potential collaboration that follows a four-stage scope that will each yield corresponding deliverables: 1. In-silico screening – List of potential new indications/drugs to be developed (checked for patentability) 2. In-vitro validation – List of best candidate indications/drugs to be developed 3. Patent application – Patent of new use 4. In-vivo validation – Target engagement assays, Animal models The company is seeking pharmaceutical and biotech companies for technical cooperation agreements. Depending on its strategy and preference, the partner will have freedom to decide on the scope of the collaboration by choosing up to which stage it wishes to engage in. In addition, the type of collaboration, whether a co-development where risks will be shared by both parties or a partnership where all risks will be assumed by the partner, may also be subject to the partner’s inclination.
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The company seeks to collaborate with biotechnology and/or pharmaceutical companies that wish to expand their pipeline through finding new medical indications for their chosen drug and/or identifying new drugs that can be used for their preferred indication, and that are looking for a reliable drug discovery partner that fits strategically with their development direction.
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The most advanced asset that the technology has predicted has undergone clinical phase 2a and has already been out licensed.
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