Dutch company specialized in export of quality EU-produced food is seeking a Chinese partner to become their distributor or agent

The intermediary company from Netherlands is looking for commercial partners who are able to bring a variety of quality food products, which the company imports from EU countries, to the Chinese market.
More and more Chinese customers want to buy higher quality food, that is safe and trustworthy, coming from reliable producers. With the growing middle-class also comes the desire to buy food from Europe, for themselves and for their family and children. The reseller from the Netherlands imports and exports quality EU-produced food. The company buys both from branded and private label producers within the whole EU; Sales are mainly to major supermarket chains. Only A-quality products are offered, which are produced according to EU/ISO/DIN standards The SME deals with food in a wide array of product groups; from baby milk powder to vitamines, from luxery alcoholic drinks to everyday foods. To bring these products to the Chinese market, the company is looking for an experienced business partner in China. The company is interested in establishing two cooperation types: 1) distribution services agreement – the company is looking for distributors to sell the company’s products. or 2) commercial agency agreement- the company is looking for agents that will be responsible for representing the client’s products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
A reliable financially sound business partner in China is sought. This may be an established importer, supermarkt chains, food trader etc. The company is looking for an experienced business partner that will be able to bring bigger quantities of EU-produced food to the Chinese market.
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