An Estonian SME is offering filtering technology for extracting active ingredients from natural resources to be used in cosmetic products

An Estonian SME has developed a filtering technology to process natural bog peat into a suitable form for cosmetic or natural products. The technology allows to extract active ingredients with unmatched concentrations of the minerals and bioactive compounds in the raw material. The company is looking for industry partners to obtain a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technology licencing agreement.
The Estonian SME in cooperation with two Estonian research centres has developed a state-of-the-art technology for gentle extracting, crushing, cleaning and filtering of natural raw materials. The filtering technology separates active ingredients form raw material without decreasing the levels of beneficial substances in it. Principle of the filtering technology lies in removing low value fiber materials from the raw material through precisely controllable mechanical interactions. Present use case: The technology and company’s know-how are presently used for processing bog peat. The company is the first in the field to process bog peat into usable formats and produce end-user cosmetic products from it. Bog peat has widely documented health benefits to the human skin and has been used across the globe for health procedures for centuries. Nowadays, in its raw form bog peat has not received much attention due to the varieties and different qualities of various types of peat. The company has developed a unique way to add value to the underused natural resource. Firstly, the SME is applying a scientific method for categorization different types of peats, based on their potential production value. The following filtering process separates valuable ingredients e.g. minerals and bioactive substances and results in highly concentrated form of these beneficial ingredients. The processed bog peat is used as the main substance for producing purely natural cosmetics and skincare products: natural peat shampoos, conditioners, facial masks, body masks, etc. The key ingredients in company’s peat products and their effect are: - Humic acid and minerals bind harmful substances in the deep layers of the skin and remove these toxins from the organism. The result is a clean skin with a glowing complexion. - Fulvic acid balances and thus prolongs the life of skin cells, helping to slow the skin’s ageing process. - Hymatomelanic acid smoothes the skin, enhances the texture and helps heal micro-wounds. The filtered peat was certified to comply with the European Union cosmetics safety requirements in 2014. The company is offering the developed technology for industry partners through a licensing agreement. For working with different types of raw materials than currently available, the company is offering a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company has the necessary knowledge and resources to study new development pathways for the technology.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Estonian SME seeks: - companies from the cosmetic or natural product industry - companies that supply relevant ingredients / products for these segments - partners, who user similar technologies related to the above-mentioned industries The cooperation sought may vary according to the client’s needs: - Commercial agreement with technical assistance to jointly develop and adapt the technology for new active ingredients and related products - Acquiring a licence for using the technology
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Field tested/evaluated
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how
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The company is planning to apply for patents as the IPR strategy is being developed
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