Eureka - A Turkish company is looking future R&D partners that are experienced in enviromental design for a Eurostars project to create a system which allows to use different measurement and recording devices to evaluate obtained data instantly.

A Turkish company specialized in environmental design and operating recreation areas such as pools, jogging paths, bicycle paths, picnic areas, and green areas are looking for R&D partners that are experienced in environmental design, GIS systems, and Eurostars projects to submit a proposal for the Eurostars Program to create a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system which allows the company to evaluate the data obtained through the SCADA system in an integrated GIS system.
A Turkish company founded in 1991 and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality’s affiliate company which organizes parks, green areas, businesses in these areas with the aim of enjoyment most of all people in Ankara and its districts. There is approximately 30.000.000 m2 green area in the area of the responsibility belongs to the company. There are recreation areas such as pools, jogging paths, bicycle paths, picnic areas, etc. in green areas and parks. The design, creation, maintenance, repair, and cleaning of these areas are also carried out by the staff. The size of the areas under our responsibility and the diversity of technical structures make it necessary to employ a large number of technical personnel specialized in the different fields within our company. The existence of different types of plants especially in green areas and the necessity to care for these plants in a healthy and proper manner causes the need for trained personnel in this field to increase day by day. Because it is possible to keep the plants in a healthy way and to increase their amount only by closely monitoring them at any time. As of today, approximately 4000 personnel are working within the company and it is planned to increase this number to 7000 in the future. The aim of the company and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality are to increase the amount of green space in Ankara caused the organization to grow gradually and therefore the number of personnel to increase every day. In this direction, the company's management system has become very difficult to organize with ordinary practices and the need to support the management system with modern techniques has emerged. The goal is to strengthen the management system with innovative practices, thereby maximizing the efficiency obtained from technical personnel, resources, and maintaining the growth rate of green areas in Ankara with high acceleration. One of the most important elements needed by every management level with a wide organizational structure and who wants to expand further is undoubtedly the ability to collect data accurately and quickly from the field. In this regard, it is planned to use different measurements and recording devices (GPS, Lidar, Camera, etc.) in an integrated manner and to create a SCADA system where these data are collected in a single center. To evaluate the data obtained through the SCADA system in an integrated GIS system and to report them as required by the management level. At the same time, this system will make it easier for management mechanisms to take decisions in accordance with the situation in the field and make it possible to use the workforce and financial resources in the best way possible. It will also allow archiving of data from which different areas of expertise can make technical inferences. This accumulation will gradually increase the benefit provided by the system over the years. The company is looking for reliable R&D partners such as institutes and universities experienced on environmental design; repair; cleaning; operating recreation; maintenance and also for commercialization stages of a Eurostars project proposal on to create a SCADA system which allows the company to evaluate the data obtained through the SCADA system in an integrated GIS system. The project duration will be 104 weeks, the deadline for expression of interest is 01/12/2020 and the deadline for the call is 01/03/2021.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for possible future R&D partners such as SMEs, institutes, and universities. These partners would have a focus on any of the below: - Experienced in environmental design. - Well-informed about the GIS system. - Knowledgeable about the commercialization stages of Eurostars project proposal.
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