A Finnish importer and distributor of alcohol products is looking for distributors and commercial agents for their flavored vodka and pomegranate wine in Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

A Finnish company is looking for distributors and commercial agents for their alcoholic products in Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The portfolio of products of the company is constituted of various flavors and versions of Russian vodka as well as pomegranate wine from Azerbaijan.
The Finnish company was established in 2011 and they started to import and export pomegranate wine in 2018 and vodka in the spring of 2019. They have acquired the exclusivity to import vodka and pomegranate products to Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In Finland, the company has the registry at the state-owned monopoly to sell these products through the network of state-owned shops. The company is offering: - Russian vodka, which is made of luxury alcohol and the design of the vodka bottles is unique. - Pomegranate wine (medium dry and medium sweet) from Azerbaijan, a traditional producer of the fruit. The Finnish company is looking for cooperation with distributors and commercial agents for these products in the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. The ideal partner knows the retail companies in the sector and has the knowledge of potential final clients. The products will need distributors able to register the Finnish company’s alcoholic products at the state-owned alcohol monopolies. This requirement applies only to Norway, Sweden and Iceland.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The type of partnership agreements considered by the Finnish company are commercial agency and distribution services agreeements. The partner must understand the legislation regarding the selling and distribution of alcohol in the target country. The distributor and agent must have the registries in the alcohol monopolies in the countries where it is necessary to have them: Norway, Sweden and Iceland have state-owned alcohol monopolies; Denmark and Estonia do not have alcohol monopolies. The partner must translate the information contained in the product labels to the local languages according to the local legislation.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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