A French company specialized in enamelled lava is looking for agents and distributors for its indoor design and landscaping products

A French company, located in a volcanic region, manufactures lava stone and enamelled lava products. Creations are dedicated to various sectors such as decoration, furniture, indoor and landscaping. Lava stone gives to products resistance to all climatic conditions, once enamelled, the lava has many technical characteristics and is well-renowned for aesthetic appeal. The company is looking for new agents and distributors to sell its products in foreign markets.
The French company has a high level of know-how related to the lava stone. The company designs and produces indoor products made of enamelled lava. The quality of the stone concerning its resistance to heat and high temperature, allows to enamel it and create unique products. Once enamelled, the lava takes its final shape in the desired colour. For the enamelling process, the stone is baked several times at more than 960°C, the enamelled lava becomes extremely resistant and offers properties, which explain its use for utilitarian or decorative products: - Insensitive to atmospheric conditions: high temperatures or frost - Resistance to corrosion (sea salt, sand) and chemical products (bleach, acid) - Resistance to scratch and stain - Resistance to ultraviolet (colours are unchangeable over time) - Easy to maintain: sanitary, cleaned with a soft sponge only The company proposes an extensive product portfolio tailored to the specific requirements of the clients: - Interior design: kitchen elements (central islands, countertops, large washbasin counters), bathroom design, - Landscaping: tables, paving and wall covering, fountains, benches, decorative border,... In order to expand internationally, the French company is looking for partners (designers, interior decorators, ..) that can work as agents to promote the company’s know-how and specific products. Moreover, the company offers distribution services agreement to partners active in selling specific products of natural stone.
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The French company is currently interested in expanding its market, by identifying new international business partners to conclude long term partnerships. The company is interested in concluding distribution services agreements with partners active in selling specific products of natural stone. Moreover, the company is looking for partners that can work as agents, under commercial agency agreement, to promote under commercial agency agreement the company’s know-how and specific products. Ideal partners are designers, architects, interior decorators or kitchen planners.
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