French CRO (contract research organisation) offers full range of custom services to develop and produce antibodies, immunoassays and bioassays: new manufacturing, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements sought in biotech, pharma, healthcare, cosmetics

A French company as a center of excellence in monoclonal antibody research and immunoassay kit development is offering its strong expertise and know-how for custom product development and custom services to companies, research organisations or universities in the field of biotechnology, diagnostics, healthcare, cosmetics, pharmacology. The company seeks manufacturing, outsourcing and/or subcontracting agreements with companies willing to develop their own specific kits, tests or vaccines.
With other 30 years of experience and expertise, high quality has become the hallmark of immunology products developed by the French company. Its offer covers : - an expanding range of immunology innovative products specifically designed to advanced research applications in the fields of immunotherapy and cancer, vaccinology, allergy, autoimmune diseases, amongts others, with other 500 monoclonal antibody clones and over 1000 products (such as ELISA, ELISpot or multiplex kits), - an extensive innovative portfolio of monoclonal antibodies and tests kits which are already used by key research, pharmaceutical and manufacturing organisations worldwide, - a strong expertise and know-how for custom product development and custom services (antibody development with hybridoma and phage display technologies), bioassays, cell based assays and analytical services. Combining those innovative products and know-how, the French company is offering its know-how and competences for the development of human IL-6 Elisa kits, IFN-y (human interferon gamma) ELISpot kits and cytokines markers dedicated to CAR-T or COVID19 cell response monitoring. Its range of monoclonal antibodies are used across the life sciences industry and its test kits for immune-monitoring studies in immunotherapy. Services for custom antibody development, immunoassay development and analytical services cover a wide range of possibilities : - monoclonal antibody development (hybridoma technology) - recombinant antibody development (Phage Display technology) - Hybridoma to recombinant antibody conversion, antibody sequencing and engineering, - ELISA development and optimisation, - Analytical platform : antibody characterisation and validation (specificity, affinity, bioactivity), samples testing, quality controls : ELISA, western blotting, octet, cytometry. The French biotechnology company is now seeking new cooperation in Europe or in third countries with companies that are willing to develop new tests, kits or vaccines. Manufacturing, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements are sought with companies that don't have the capacities or knowledge and needing antibodies, immunoassays or skills in immunology or antibody development services.
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- Industry, research organisations, universities - Fields : Biotechnologies, healthcare, cosmetics, pharmacology Developing tests or products and needing antibodies, immunoassays or skills in immunology or antibody development services. Cooperation is sought with European or International companies under manufacturing, outsourcing and subcontracting agreements.
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Absolute confidentiality Sole ownership of results or products for customers
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