French inclusive bicycle manufacturer is looking for local authorities or private partners to develop in Europe.

A French SME producing an innovative and inclusive tricycle with electrical assistance is looking to develop its activities abroad in countries with strong cycling attractions. The customer targets are mainly local authorities, transport operators, companies in the tourism industry (bike rental, tourist sites, vacation villages) and individuals. Main countries targeted : Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands,Denmark, Czech Republic. The company is open to different types of agreement.
This innovative small company has been operating since 2017 in the adapted bicycle industry. The company has entirely designed this higly innovative vehicle and owns two dedicated patents. The bike is an inclusive tricycle that allows people with reduced mobility, whether they are in wheelchairs or due to another condition, to practice cycling alone or along with regular cyclists. The innovation comes from a ramp integrated into the vehicle that allows people in wheelchairs to board the vehicle. A removable bench seat also allows for use by both able-bodied and poor walking abilities. This innovative tricycle has been awarded prizes and european funding, and is already in use in France.This vehicle offers a new autonomy and mobility for people in their professional or leisure activities. The company, attracted by the cycle culture of northern and eastern european countries, wants to develop rapidly in these territories in collaboration with local authorities or private companies managing bicycles.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
First of all, the company is looking for purchasers from local authorities or private organizations involved in the tourism industry or mobility equipement rental. The company is looking for trustworthy purchasers with whom the company can have a close dialogue. It concerns a vehicle and a service that has never existed, so the company is not looking for a simple reseller but a real partner. Then, the company is interested in identifying potential partners (that could take the form of a service partnership contracts) to take care of the local operation and management of the vehicles as well as for their maintenance.The company can offer training services for the partners in the targeted countries.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Patents granted
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