A French manufacturer of fireplaces, stoves and inserts is looking for distributors

A French company established in 1976 and located in the center of France specializes in the production of premium quality fireplaces, stoves and inserts (wood, gaz and ethanol). The company is looking for distribution agreements.
For more than 40 years, the French company, more precisely a group, has been one of the leading French creators of fireplaces and wood heating solutions: wood fireplaces, inserts, wood stoves, pellet stoves. The development has accelerated over the last few years while respecting the idea of working with the noblest materials. Based in the Auvergne region, the company now employs more than 130 people. Cast iron products are on the market since decades and are well known for their sturdiness as it is made of cast iron and this cast iron is made on specific requirements. Concerning the range of metallic fireplaces and stove, it is the definition of modern fireplaces. The expertise and knowledge of the market has pushed the company to improve their aspect to fit new houses and clients requirements. In 2006 the group bought a first French company who designs, draws and manufactures very high quality suspended metal fireplaces, positioned on the very top-of-the-range market. Тhe products are unique and handmade. These suspended fireplaces are well known all over the world and it is a passionate work to sell and install such fireplace as each project is unique, most of the time, the room / house is made around this fireplace. Then French company works with architect and designers for this type of product. In 2008, the group bought a second French company, manufacturer of steel fireplaces with an interior lining of refractory bricks, offering a high quality of combustion and significant inertia, capable of releasing the heat stored for about ten hours. The group has also developed a research and development collaboration with a Danish manufacturer with whom they create a joint venture in 2003. The 2 partners developed, after years of research and testing, the most efficient and advanced combustion management system on the market: the IHS SmartControl (Intelligent Heat System). This Scandinavian range is the reference on the north of Europe market as it has always been in advance for combustion system to get to electronic control of combustion today. It is the cleanest combustion system with less consumption of wood. Each factory or brand has its advantages, cast iron products are made from very good quality of cast iron (10 year warranty); metallic products offer a modern design to fit each project; suspended fireplaces are unique on the market and are made to embellished each project; Scandinavian stoves are strong and efficient stoves with innovative and intelligent combustion control. The French company is looking for long term cooperation all over the world with a distributor that can work all or part of their range in the new market.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The French company is seeking for long term partnership with a distributor. They will both be in contact on a daily basis to improve their communication and presentation of the group in the new markets. The partner will need to invest time to understand their specific range. The French company will be visiting partners to train their sale force and it is waiting from their partner to inform them on how to work on their offer to fit perfectly the new market.
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