French producer of craft grape-based gin is looking for distributors in UK, Germany and Spain

The SME located in the South West of France is producing a premium craft gin using 18 botanicals. It is expanding on the German market and is now actively looking for distributors in Germany, UK and Spain.
This French distillery has developed a premium craft gin made of botanicals mainly harvested from local surrounding gardens and countryside. The gin is produced with a grape base spirit giving an original taste which is different from the grain-based gins. The base spirit comes from the grape “marc” which is the left-over product from wine making. The company values the environment and uses the byproduct of wine making in a circular economy approach. The company uses 18 ingredients that are 100% natural. It includes espelette pepper, a protected geographical origin product from the South West of France, giving a hot-sweet pepper spice flavour. The gin combined the juniper giving the classic gin flavour with the superfood goji berry, also grown locally. The 4 key taste combinations are: 1. Floral – First impression is fragrant floral with undertones of rose petals and Toulouse violets. 2. Fruity – Initial flavour from juniper and goji berries, with a hint of raspberry. 3. Nutty – Hazelnut and almond give sweetness and creaminess. 4. Spicy – Long finish with subtle spice and sweet from the distinctive Espelette pepper. The company is an authorised warehouse keeper, registered and approved by the French customs agency to store and distribute spirits. It is registered with the UK Stamp Duty scheme for the importation of the products from France to the UK. The product is to be sold in cafés, hotels and restaurants, dedicated wine shops, delicatessens. The SME carries 70 cl and 50 cl bottles, plus 40 ml miniatures. The alcohol content is 40 degrees. The distillery is putting forward its products for several international competitions in the spirits’ sector. The company is looking for distribution services agreements in UK, Germany and Spain.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner sought: distribution partners which are well connected with the spirits/ alcoholic drinks industry. The importer should have an interest in high quality craft distilled products and a network of: • style bars (predominantly 70cl bottles) • hotel and restaurant bars (predominantly 70cl bottles) • specialized wine/spirits retailers (predominantly 50cl bottles) Role of partner sought: to collaborate with the SME in the extension of its distribution network in Germany, UK and Spain.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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The company is a registered trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office
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