A French SME developing silicon photonic circuits with integrated lasers at wafer-level is looking for partners in high-speed optical communication and Lidar applications to reach technical or research cooperation agreements

The SME develops silicon photonic integrated circuits (IC). Their solution increases energy efficiency, enables an extensive integration of active and passive optical components, while significantly reducing main costs. They are currently taking their silicon photonic IC technology to an industrial level, and they are looking for advanced collaboration with partners from optical communications or Lidar applications sectors under research/technological agreements. H2020 calls are targeted.
Created in 2018 and based in France, the company's main activity is the design of photonic IC, combining the best of Silicon (Si) and Indium Phosphide (InP) materials using wafer-scale bonding of InP on Si. Their technology draws upon over 15 years of research in InP/Si lasers, silicon photonics, and 3D packaging carried out at CEA-Leti, a leading technological institute in France. Intra datacenters interconnections are currently supported by optical transceivers with speed of 100Gbit/s moving to 200Gbit/s. Based on demonstrators manufactured in the research fab, the company develops the technology to support speeds up to 800Gbit/s; hence improving performance, but also reducing the form factor, the power consumption, and the assembly costs. Plus, the solution is scalable to 1.6TBits/s to cope with the always increasing switching capability of ethernet to reach 51.2Tbit/s in 2023. They secured an agreement with commercial silicon foundry to build industrial prototypes of fully integrated photonic circuits (comprising multi-wavelength lasers, waveguides, wavelength filters, and photodetectors). Those prototypes will be tested in the second half of 2020. They are looking for partners in optical communications or Lidar applications sectors to help them scale-up/build prototypes dedicated to new applications under research or technological agreements. They plan to participate in H2020 program, especially these calls related to photonics and Big data : - DT-ICT-04 Photonics Innovation Hubs (call deadline April 22) - ICT-36 Disruptive photonics technologies (call deadline April 22) - ICT-37 Advancing photonics technologies and application-driven photonics components and the innovation ecosystem (call deadline 22) They are also investigating the possibility of participating in EUREKA calls (Eurostars + EURIPIDES /PENTA). Expressions of interest are welcome until April 6.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The French company wants to collaborate with partners from the optical communications industry (device manufacturers, network operators) or companies developing Lidar, or sub-systems, targeting autonomous vehicle or industrial applications. Partnerships with R&D Institutions and Universities are of interest only in the framework of H2020 or Horizon Europe collaborative projects. The role of the partner would be to co-specify the photonics IC for the targeted application and integrate the product for system-level testing for addressing new applications under research or technological cooperation agreements.
Stage of Development: 
Under development/lab tested
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Technology has been processed in R&D fab and tested in labs. They are currently transferring both technology and designs in a commercial foundry. Prototypes and product demonstrators manufactured in this foundry will be available in Q3-2020.
IPR Status: 
Design Rights,Granted patent or patent application essential,Exclusive Rights
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
They have a license agreement covering patents and know-how with CEA-Leti. Some patents are with exclusive rights.
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