German manufacturer of premium quality nutrient-optimized Koi feed products is searching for distribution partners

A young German producer representing animal nutrition products, offers the unique combination of university research and pure enthusiasm for Koi. Their science-based, optimized complete food is oriented towards the evolutionary demands of Koi carp. The company is looking for partners from Belgium, Netherlands, France and Denmark under a distribution services agreement.
Company The German enterprise was set up in 2018 and is specialized in development and production of state-of-the-art animal nutrition for private and commercial Koi-carp applications. The company focuses on high-quality feed types in which the effects of the ingredients have been scientifically proven. Furthermore, the company develops supporting software and hardware system (Auto feed system) for Koi lovers due to the complexity of the correct feeding to Koi-carp. Product The Product has been optimized with micro- and macro-nutrient profile compared to competing products. The use of natural, antibiotically active feed additives and colour enhancers, which are based on the latest research, also clearly sets the feed apart from the competition. To prove the quality and effect of the high-quality feed, self-provided research series are prepared and transparently presented. The development and production of the products takes place in Germany. The company uses modern equipment and qualified staff, to ensure a high-quality product as well as strict control of hygiene conditions. For the packaging dimension, individual wishes of larger customers can be considered. All products are available in large quantities for distribution. Technical Specification: Composition: Fish and fish by-products, cereals, vegetable by-products (including wheat germ 3%, grape seed flour 0,3%, garlic powder, turmeric root), meat and animal by-products, oils and fats (including salmon oil (6,50%) and black seed extract 0,1%), Minerals, vegetable protein extracts), spirulina (1.5%), yeasts, vegetables, milk and dairy products Sugar, eggs and egg products (including egg powder - rich in immunoglobin) Nutritional physiological additives: Vitamin D3 (E671): 3000 IU / kg of iron (ferrous) carbonate ,: 187.50 mg / kg of iodine (calcium iodate): 3 mg / kg of manganese (manganese (II) oxide): 30 mg / kg zinc (zinc oxide): 120 mg / kg selenium (selenite): 0.15 mg / kg Expertise sought For more than a decade, founder has dealt with the Japanese koi. Motivated by the unsatisfactory composition of common feeds, Founder, M.Sc. livestock scientist researched In his Master's thesis he devoted himself to aquatic feed additives. His university research findings form the basis for, fully optimized Koi-Karp feed system. A combination of special herbal oils and antioxidants for the long-term preservation of Koi's well being. The predominantly floating food ensures good feed intake even in shy fish. All-round care for strong and healthy Koi with - Essential vitamins and mineral nutrients - Natural protein sources and oils - Ethereal oils to support vitality Partnership: In order expand their distribution network and to explore market opportunities for their products, the company is interested in starting cooperation with other partners based on distribution services agreement.
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The company is looking for distribution partners in specific European countries (Belgium, Netherlands, France and Denmark). Distributors should be specialized in the sale of high-quality Koi-carp products. The suitable partner should have a good knowledge of a local market..
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