Greek company offers outsourcing for real estate projects for Asian investors or buyers

An engineering, consulting and trading SME in Greece, active in real estate sector and general import/export & promotion services of high valued products, is looking for collaboration with Asian companies, investors or private lenders on real-estate projects in Greece. Collaboration sought is outsourcing agreement for the provision of services concerning the real estate projects completion.
Greece is offering many opportunities for real estate and during the last years, many investors and companies from abroad have entered this growing market. A Greek SME company, with offices in both Athens and Thessaloniki, is active in real-estate construction and selling through an experienced team of civil and electro-mechanical engineers. The staff has experience in many construction projects, including the construction of parts of large motorways, renovation of luxurious apartments and construction of home electrical networks. In addition to the engineers, the team includes a highly experienced direct retail salesperson and a marketer, so as to provide the full range of real estate services: from locating excellent urban land to construction and sales. All the real estate transactions and notary actions are performed with extreme confidentiality and security through a highly experienced collaborating law office, which also provides legal counseling to investors for various market affairs in a secure and business friendly legal environment. The Greek SME will search, then propose to the investor, then buy the urban land, construct the building, sell it and send the profit to the investor. There is also possibility for more complex scenarios concerning real-estate opportunities. The Greek company is looking for Asian companies or investors, interested in real-estate projects in Greece. The Greek company will provide all the services needed for the project under outsourcing agreement with the interested parties.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Greek company is looking for several possible collaborators from Asia. Clients ready to sign a contract in order to acquire real estate in defined Greek location. Private investors to provide low-interest rate capital for 3 years of maturation time. Asian brokering offices willing to provide low-cost structured put options for their Asian investors in order to use quickly the loans that the Greek SME will get from Greek banks for real estate investments. The collaboration sought is outsourcing agreement with the Greek company which will provide all the necessary activities and services for completing a real-estate project.
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