Greek SME offers a human-computer interface based on a cutting-edge hand/finger motion data tracking solution

Greek R&D company, active in the human-machine interaction sector, offers disruptive device-system for high-precision tracking of hand and finger motion data for the healthcare, automotive and space markets. The company seeks partners for technical cooperation or joint venture agreement or research cooperation agreement or financial agreement.
Hand and finger tracking solutions are a fast-growing segment of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) market with extensive applicability in a wide range of industries. From electronics and entertainment to the medical, automotive and military sectors, they support the integration of human performance into intricate mechanical systems, contributing to the reduction of operational costs and the rise of safety and comfort. However, technological constraints compromise their unconditional employment, especially in immersive work environments where high-precision task performance is required. To address this problem, the Greek R&D company, which holds various prizes and awards, has developed a cutting-edge technological solution that revolutionizes interaction in Extended Reality (XR) applications. Its pioneering finger/hand tracking device-system has been integrated into a pair of gloves and guarantees ultimate data reliability and precision, surpassing competition by a 1,000-fold. The unique technology tracks 22 out of the max.27 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) and disrupts state-of-the-art solutions by providing unlimited tracking, and high accuracy in operational tasks. It can thus respond to industrial needs varying from immersive experience training and engineering (prior product/ service design and simulation) to highly accurate task competence. The technology comprises of both hardware and software components. Hardware components include finger and hand tracking subsystem, haptic feedback subsystems, and indoor hand 3D location subsystems. Software components (data collection and visualization subsystem) include Unity & Unreal game engine application for data collection, processing and visualization (3D hand model), Database (data collection & processing), Web app: visualization (3D hand model).The Greek SME designs, develops and implements all hardware and software components, including integration of external systems. The technology has already been tested in Unity and Unreal game engines and the company would like to proceed to industrial trials of its product prior commercialization. The company seeks technical cooperation or joint venture agreement with partners from the healthcare, space and automotive industries to co-develop end-applications for XR user interaction with digital environment using hands and fingers in a natural way, and end-applications for finger/ hand motion data collection, e.g. status and progress assessment in finger and hand rehabilitation, tele-operative/ hand robots etc. Additionally, the company seeks financial agreement with business investors, or research collaboration agreement for testing, validating, advancing (help reach TRL 9) and further exploiting its technology’s research outputs.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is currently looking for: a) Technical cooperation agreement or joint cooperation agreement with industrial early adopters to co-develop XR end-applications for the health, space and automotive sectors. b) Financial agreement with business angels for development of end applications. c) Research collaboration with universities and research institutions to test, scale-up and exploit research outputs.
Stage of Development: 
Field tested/evaluated
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Available for demonstration.
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Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
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