Hybrid hydrogels for maxillofacial reconstruction

A Ukrainian research and development institute is looking for partners for licensing and manufacturing agreements for hybrid hydrogel implants. These have proven to be highly formable and biocompatible with good potential in areas such as maxillofacial reconstruction.
Ukrainian research and development institute established in 1991 working in a field of colloidal chemistry, organic chemistry and biotechnology is looking for partners interested in the implementation of the new types of implants based on the based on hybrid hydrogels. The aim of the implants is to reconstruct anatomical and functional disorders in the maxillofacial area, especially prosthetics of the soft tissues of the eye orbit, the auricle, tooth and bone structures. Hydrogel implants have high bio compatibility with the tissues and cause no rejection by the organism. The surrounding tissues are growing trough the material using it as a frame, this forms a stable structure which is close to the original, natural tissue which gives reliable implant survival. Institute is looking for the partners for licensing, manufacturing and implementation of the hydrogel implants to the processes of the prosthetics.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type: The institute is seeking a partner for licensing and manufacturing the technology. Field of activity: Academic, clinical and industrial partners working in the healthcare sector and willing to explore, test, design and manufacture the material and implants of the material based on the proposed technology are sought. Role of partner: - license agreement - the licensing for the further development and implementation of this technology to the healthcare sector is sought. -Manufacturing agreement- the manufacturer for the material which can be industrially and repeatedly fabricated and used, particularly for fabrication of implants with excellent biocompatibility with a living tissue, suited for application under intense cyclic mechanical loading is sought.
Stage of Development: 
Available for demonstration
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Secret Know-how
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