Infinitely-long cost-effective superconductors for large-scale industrial applications

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A new technology has been validated to produce MgB2 superconductive wires at infinite length, and very high consistency. The developer, an East of England company is keen to discuss new possibilities in large scale renewable energy generation and transmission. Manufacturers of such equipment are sought for technical or research co-operation.
An East of England company has developed and patented a novel method of producing infinitely long and cost-effective Magnesium Diboride (MgB2) superconductive wires for industrial applications. Their technology uses laser seam-welding technology to enable continuous production. This is facilitated by a nanoparticle mix, consisting of magnesium and boron which is fed into the core of the wire using intelligent nano-powder feeders - to ensure micron-scale reproducible consistency. Results during industrial-scale production trials show that the technology produces a high-temperature superconductor (>30km), that is not only the longest in the market, but has a consistency unachievable using other manufacturing techniques on offer today. Collaborating with industry leaders, this product has multiple applications: - Elimination of the need and dependence on liquid helium in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, leading to lower capital and running costs. - This new technology can be applied to generate power storage systems, correcting varying power demands to eliminate power-frequency variations, which could otherwise damage electrical appliances. - From an environmental standpoint, Gigawatt-scale MgB2 super-conductive cables could also transmit large amounts of electricity without losses, providing interconnections between wind and solar farms, leading to grid enforcement and integration with different green technologies. - DC superconductive generators could also be the solution for large wind turbines, highly DC energy demanding applications and for many other critical applications, where high power at less weight is needed. The company has established a network of collaborators to develop superconductive machines and are actively looking for additional equipment manufacturers to design greener, sustainable solutions for the future. The type of co-operation would be technical or R&D, dependent on the technical readiness of the overall system. The company will consider relevant cross-border funding schemes for research co-operation.
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Type of partner sought: industry Specific area of partner sought: manufacturers of large scale generation and transmission equipment for renewable energy. Role of partner sought: non-confidential enquiries are welcome that pose current and future issues with energy systems. The UK company can then explain how the new technology will fit in exactly.
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