Innovative Norwegian bicycle tyre company, looking for bicycle manufacturers, bike brands, or retailers for bike-equipment and tyres

The Norwegian SME has developed an innovative solution for bicycle tyres: the world's first modular zip-on technology, allowing commuters and recreational cyclists to quickly adapt their tyre treads to changing road conditions. The system provides the convenience of being easily able to zip their tyre treads in less than a minute, without additional tools or costs. The company is now looking for manufacturers, bike brands, and retailers to sell their products in new markets.
The Norwegian bicycle tyre company develops and commercializes excellent, innovative, and user-friendly modular tyre products for European and North American markets, focused towards e-bikes and commuters. The invention consists of a slick base tyre, featuring their patented zip-on technology on the side of the tyre's wall, that is interchangeable with the tyre treads. The products are designed to handle all types of weather and road conditions, which the user can choose depending on the needs. The company markets a range of modular tyres with different tread types, mainly for snow and ice conditions, but also gravel and trail. Their journey started in 2015, when the first prototype with a fastening mechanism was developed. After two years of thorough development and testing, a patent was granted, and the alpha version of the bicycle tyre launched. Today, they are selling the 3rd generation of products, which includes perfected zip-on technology with stainless steel zippers, new tread technology for ultra-thin and durable tyre treads, and improved rubber compounds that have gone through extensive user testing in different harsh environments. The company is now recognized globally, with a presence in some of the largest sport chains, distributors, and international online stores. The company aims to become a world-class tyre company and the undisputed go-to brand for modular tyre systems, with a strong and clear global brand identity, and is now looking for partners, including manufacturers, bike brands, and retailers, to bring the system to commuters in new markets.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for partnerships with manufacturers, bike brands, and retailers in new markets. New markets include but are not limited to: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Benelux. Partners can be from SME to larger bicycle companies. Preferable partners are decision-makers in the department of management, sales, purchasing, product, partnership, or brand.
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The company is looking for partnerships with bicycle manufacturers, bike brands, and retailers in the bicycle industry.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted
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