An innovative SaaS platform for building tailor-made business applications

A Macedonian IT company offers software as a service (SaaS) platform with integrated application builder that enables building multi-language, multi-platform and multi-tenant tailor-made software applications. Designed specifically for SMEs, the solution combines the advantages of SaaS, social network, no-code and low-code development and is faster and more cost-effective compared with conventional platforms. Partners for financial agreement and technical cooperation agreement are sought.
The software development life cycle (SDLC) process, used by many software companies, consists of six phases: 1) business analysis and gathering system & user requirements; 2) design; 3) development; 4) testing; 5) deployment; and 6) maintenance. Processing all phases is necessary in order to produce a high-quality solution which results in high operational costs and very expensive solutions for the final customers. The SDLC process is particularly challenging for software SMEs as applications must each time be built from scratch. Moreover, the adaptation of the software applications over time may generate problems that can take considerable time and other resources to be solved. To address these challenges, the Macedonian IT company has developed an innovative SaaS platform for multi-language and multi-tenant building of tailor-made software applications that is faster and easier compared to other available platforms. The solution improves the software development process by eliminating two of the six SDLC phases (deployment and maintenance) while considerably accelerating the design, development and testing phases. Furthermore, the solution introduces nonlinear software engineering paradigm in the software development process, which means that phase 1 (gathering requirements and business analyses), phase 2 (design) and phases 3+4 (development and testing) can be executed as parallel processes i.e. it allows correction of mistakes and wrong decisions backwards. The core of this innovative SaaS platform is its integrated application builder that enables building tailored-made business applications. The application builder is consisted of the following developer tools: • Entity builder – a unique no-code visual tool that enables designing custom registries. Defining a new registry by administrator means that system generates unique visual form, API and database table. It enables defining highly structured entities (products, services, documents) and relations between them (employees, partners, business units, departments, bodies etc.). • Menu builder – a visual no-code tool that enables building tenant (company) menu from previously defined registries and defining privileges to all tenant operators. • Code builder – a unique developer tool that enables writing computer code (procedures) in JavaScript that can be executed on the solution’s desktop application or the solution’s server onTime (cron job), onButtonClick or onEvent (insert, update or delete entity). • Job manual builder - knowledge management tool for defining manuals for simple jobs in the organization. • Workflow builder - a unique no-code visual tool that enables defining workflows as a set of parallel or serial computer or person jobs that need to be executed in order to deliver internal or external service. • HTML builder - a visual designer tool that enables designing HTML reports which have to be presented on screen as reports or web pages. The target clients for the solution are software SMEs who will receive lifetime free license to build tailor-made software applications suitable for all platforms (desktop, mobile and web). Final customers, users of the software applications, will be charged with a significantly lower fee compared to the cost of applications developed by larger vendors. Currently, the company is in the final stages of development of the solution and seeks funding opportunities for further development and testing. Therefore, the company is offering the proposed solution to potential investors that would provide the necessary financial resources in return of equity under the terms of financial agreement. Additionally, IT companies, research organizations or universities working in the fields of SaaS and business applications are targeted as potential partners for technical cooperation, willing to provide specific expertise and to work together with the Macedonian company on further development of the solution.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Cooperation type 1 The company offers the proposed solution to potential investors under the terms of financing agreement. The investors are expected to provide financial resources for further development and testing of the solution in return for equity in the company. Cooperation type 2 The company is looking for potential partners for technical cooperation agreement. The potential partners are expected to provide expertise to help the further development of the technical aspects of the solution. In this regard, IT companies, research institutions and universities with background and expertise in the addressed fields of SaaS and business applications development are considered as partners sought.
Stage of Development: 
Under development/lab tested
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how
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