Innovative ultrasonic technology for particle measurement in liquids

Located in Vienna, Austria, the company has developed an innovative ultrasonic trap that catches very small particles in liquids thereby making them detectable in-line.This proprietary technology provides valuable data directly out of the process in real-time allowing for immediate process control. It has been developed for use in industrial environments. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought to transfer the technology for application in industrial processes.
The startup is located in Vienna, Austria, and was founded in 2018 in order to bring the development of its innovative and proprietary ultrasonic technologies towards market readiness and successfully market them. The team has strong expertise in the areas of ultrasonic & technology development, mechanical engineering, chemical analytics, electronics and process engineering. The ultrasonic trap is a high-tech application to be used in industrial environments. It represents an entirely new approach of small particle measurement in liquids by generating a virtual sample volume of particles in suspension and making them detectable in-line by presenting these particles to a probe. This technology provides prompt and significantly improved measurements of process liquid properties without the need to taking real samples as is the case with solutions that are currently available on the market. Therefore, possible impacts on samples and processes as well as the need to adhere to lengthy measurement protocols are avoided. The technology offered can be used in various markets such as the pharmaceutical sector, waste water, coolants and lubricants, biotech and fine chemicals. The application areas of this technology: - detection of solubilised solids such as crystals, biological cells, oil droplets, dirt - can be used for various liquids not just water - measurement of particles with diameters from 1 μm to 150 μm - can be combined with various probes (e.g. Raman, Process microscopy, Process refractometry or IR ATR (infrared attenuated total reflection) spectroscopy) - particles and liquid can be measured separately, which makes particle detection possible even when particles and liquid display the same mass density. The company is now seeking to enter into commercial agreements with technical assistance: The company offers this ultrasound-based technology for non-exclusive acquisition, providing additional know how such as support services during installation and use. Data generated and experiences gathered by the partner will in turn feed into further development of the technology with the aim of continuously improving measurement accuracy, suitability and merchantibility of the system.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The technology is offered for a non-exclusive acquisition paired with the provision of a number of services in support of this transfer of technology such as installation, adaptation and continuous support throughout its use. Type and activity of partners sought: SMEs and industry active in all areas involving sensors/probes in their development or manufacturing processes such as the pharmaceutical sector, waste water, coolants and lubricants, biotech or fine chemicals. SMEs and industry will acquire the device in their role as endusers applying the technology in their processes and providing feedback (data and user experience) to the developing startup.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
This ultrasound-based technology has already been field tested and is on the market since 2019. The first application areas were in the biotech industry and waste water management. Further adaptations/developments of this technology are envisaged to improve measurement accuracy, suitability and merchantibility of the system and to potentially broaden its fields of application.
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Patents granted
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