IraSME: A Turkish company experienced in vibration-based structural health monitoring is looking for partners for the IraSME project to be submitted.

A structural engineering company based in Turkey offering high-end structural engineering services is looking for partners experienced in, structural engineering, IoT, AI, and/or sensor systems for the project to be submitted to IraSME call. Potential partners will take roles concerning their field of experience. The project aims to monitor the civil engineering structures and provide quick information about building safety after major seismic events.
A structural engineering consulting company located in Ankara/Turkey was founded in 2015. Since establishment, the company has provided consultancy services in power plants (nuclear power plants, wind turbines and dams), infrastructure projects (viaducts and bridges), and risk assessment projects. The company is experienced in peer review of design, rehabilitation of existing facilities, forensic analysis, failure investigation, structural and seismic evaluation, and condition assessment and vibration analysis. Experts of the company have over 25 years of research, development, and application experience in structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, and signal processing. The project being developed aims to monitor the changes in the civil engineering structures and provide quick information about building safety after major seismic events. It is aimed to provide information to the end-users about the dynamic properties of the structures, possible damages, and damage locations in real-time by developing analytical solutions based on signal processing algorithms. Developed software would require acceleration-time data collected from accelerometers. Data then would be transferred to a cloud server and analyzed near real-time. Results would be made available for the end-user through a web portal. For the structural health monitoring solution, the company is looking for reliable R&D partners such as universities, institutes and SMEs experienced in IoT systems, networking and data transfer applications, cloud/fog computing, software development, non-destructive testing of civil engineering structures, artificial intelligence implementations and rehabilitation of civil/historical structures. Research partners are sought for developing the project over the IraSME call 2020. The project duration will be 104 weeks and the deadline for the call is 30/09/2020. Partners will be responsible for manufacturing sensitive sensors and improving the scalability of SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) service by enhancing the software developed by the company using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and pattern recognition. The company will be responsible for the integration of SHM software with vibration sensors to develop a technological product.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Partners with experience in AI, pattern recognition, or signal processing applications will be responsible for enhancing the scalability of the structural health monitoring software by implementing machine learning-based automation features. Partners with vibration measuring sensor manufacturing experience will be responsible for developing sensitive hardware for structural health monitoring solutions. The company (client) will be responsible for providing expertise in signal processing applications in civil engineering, especially in structural health monitoring applications. The company will also act as a domain expert in the software development process and will be responsible for integrating structural health monitoring solutions for the manufacturers.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Two partners are sought: 1) A vibration sensor manufacturer that would have experience in manufacturing sensitive vibration sensors. 2) A software company specialized in AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications development, that would have experience in AI and pattern recognition systems and signal processing of time series data such as vibration, strain, etc.
Stage of Development: 
Project in negotiations - urgent
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