Irish company using an advanced cloud accounting platform is looking for accountants and others in financial sector interested in establishing partnerships through service agreements

This Irish small & medium enterprise developed and uses an advanced cloud accounting platform that gives businesses and accountants access to software that covers a full range of accounting services, including payroll and bookkeeping. This company who operates in Ireland and the UK, is looking for partnerships through service agreements, licensing agreements and franchise opportunities to help build the brand in Malta and Cyprus. The desired cooperation is with banks, accountants and SMEs
This company was originally established in 1993 creating accounting software. With cloud technology this company then in 2012 expanded to include a cloud accounting software platform. Through using cloud technology client businesses can manage their financial records with even more ease than before. Designed and developed in Ireland this online accounting software is simple and easy to use, with all financials covered including sales, purchases, invoicing, VAT, profit & loss and balance sheet all catered for. This software is suitable for all types of businesses, banks and accountancy firms. Within in the Irish market this company receives 43% of recommendations from accountants in practice This company wishes to establish partnerships through service agreements in order to continue company growth through brand building and collaborate with new partners in the financial sector and engage with larger client audiences. These partners can be from all sectors that do accounting or financial transactions. This company is also open to franchising and licensing agreements for companies including accountants or other financial services who wish to open a franchise of the brand or purchase a copy of the software license.
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This company is looking for partners in the financial sector, banks, accountants and SMEs to establish partnerships through service agreements. Sought are companies of any size in need of a comprehensive accounting software solution for their businesses and clients. These can range from small companies acting on a regional level to big financial services groups and banks with worldwide customers and a multi-layer network of service partners. This company is also open to potential franchise and licensing agreements for its software. This would be for companies who are interested in owning a franchise of the brand or purchasing the product license in order to grow their own brands.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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This product brand and logos are trademarked
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