Israeli biotechnology company that offers probiotic air and surface treatment and purification system is looking for international distributors and franchisees

An innovative biotechnology company from Israel developed the world's first probiotic air, surface, and object purification system. The company has developed a technology that employs a natural bacterial solution to decontaminate spaces of harmful forms of bacteria and allergens. Currently, the company is seeking distributors who can market this technology abroad and franchisees who want to utilize the probiotic solution for household cleaning and detoxification products.
Since 2010, the Israeli company has researched and developed an organic culture of probiotics from the bacteria strains Bacillus ferment, which is derived from plants and soils, and Bacillus subtilis, which is found in the stomach and aids in digestion. The non-chemical probiotic solution is safe for humans and pets, and it substantially reduces contaminants such as dander, pollen, mold spores, and harmful pathogens that trigger allergic reactions and respiratory issues. The company's indoor diffuser repetitively releases the probiotic solution as an ultra-fine mist to create a layer of micro-flora in that comprehensively decontaminates surfaces, objects, and the air. The bacterial solution has Environmental Protection Agency testing, follows strict quality controls, and causes no harm or discomfort to people or animals. The diffuser employs a discrete, minimalist design and works silently. The company is interested in finding distribution specialists who are familiar with local markets for air purifiers and high-quality household hygienic products. These distributors must be able to represent and communicate the business' commitment to allergens and contaminants whether they are airborne or communicable through physical contact. The company also would like to offer its patented technology to firms that are equally dedicated to household detoxification through a franchise agreement.
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The company is seeking distributors abroad who can convey and promote the company's mission of eliminating airborne and physically transmitted illnesses. These distributors should know the prominent sellers and purchasers within their local markets' supply chains of medical devices and luxury household appliances. The company is also open to a franchise agreement with firms outside Israel. The company would share its patented air purification process under its private label with a partner who is interested in supplying air purification and detoxification equipment in exchange for a fee and a share of the income generated.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Patents granted,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights
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