An Israeli cleantech company that specialises in developing and manufacturing smart grow lighting devices for indoors and urban gardening is looking for strategic partners to form a joint venture and for distributors.

An Israeli clean-tech company has developed innovative technologies in the form of modular lighting systems. The devices can imitate and replace the sun light in an effective and cost efficient manner which enables growing plants in darker interiors such as buildings, apartments and offices. The company is looking for strategic partners worldwide to develop and distribute a local version of the product under a joint venture agreement. The company is also looking for distributors.
The Israeli company, which was established in 1981, specialises in developing and manufacturing electric products & accessories for the agricultural, industrial and national security sectors. In 2012, the company has transformed its industrial line into a new and innovative green solutions line which offers energy saving solutions for urban gardening. Growing plants indoors has always been challenging. The customary indoors light lacks the intensity and the correct spectrum of light needed in order to maintain the photosynthesis process of the plant. Addressing this problem, the company has developed an innovative lighting system that can imitate the sun light and it’s advantages for plants. The device supplies sufficient light intensity and is able to act as a sunlight substitute for plants with the help of an electric sensor designed to sense the surroundings’ light intensity and stop whenever the plant has had enough sunlight or in case other efficient light is available in the correct intensity and spectrum. This is a first of a kind solution for growing plants in the interior with minimum energy consumption and cost. It is suitable for growing vegetables (cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), medicinal plants, spices, ornamentals, bonsai and many other plants indoors. The system is designed to be used by the general public as it is easy to use and operate with a smart application for mobile, and cloud IoT support. The system includes the lighting device, as well as an adjustable stand, an instruction manual and a timer for scheduling the lighting cycle and duration. In addition to the lighting systems, the company also provides water management control and other features, technical support and agronomy back-up to their customers and partners. The company is interested in expanding its international activities and is looking for strategic partners worldwide for a joint venture of developing and distribution of a new localised generation of the product that will meet the specific needs of the local market. The strategic partner will participate and advise regarding the best final design, certification requirements, marketing, etc.The partners can as well be other companies which offer green solutions. The company is also looking for distributors who are preferably experienced with distributing environmental-friendly products.
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The company is looking for strategic partners to form a joint venture for developing a localised version of the product or for distributors. The partner will ideally advise regarding the local market and it's specific needs, certification requirements, marketing, etc. The company is also looking for distributors, preferably experienced with green solutions.
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