An Israeli company specialized in development and manufacturing advanced high quality cosmetic products based on the Dead Sea minerals is looking for distributors

An Israeli company develops, manufactures and exports high quality luxury skin, body and hair care products based on minerals from the Dead Sea. Advantages over those on the market include constant development of new formulae and improving of the existing products, amazing wide varieties of products to treat all known skin problems, high quality approved and dermatologically tested products. The company searches potential partners worldwide to cooperate under a distribution services agreement.
The Israeli company was established in 2006 and by now they have developed and provided for manufacturing more than 200 cosmetic products. Their production is exported to a lot of countries in Europe, the USA and all around the globe. All cosmetics products are not tested on animals and most are paraben free. Many face, body and hair products were dermatologically tested including the tearless shampoo and baby wash. All of the products are certified by the Israeli ministry of Health. Products based on the Dead Sea's vitamins and minerals, plant extracts and aromatic oils help achieving the refreshed, rejuvenated and healthy skin appearance. The manufacturer offers not less than 6 product directions of different purposes: skin care, body/spa, health care, hair care, men care, sun care. 1. Skin care includes creams, serums, peelings, soaps, cleansers, masks, lotions and more – each containing a variety of additional purpose products. 2. Body & spa skin care includes creams, lotions, soaps, scrubs, butters, oils, baby shampoo and soap, intimate wash etc. – each bearing different treatment additives. 3. Health skin care includes soaps, creams, butters, mud, salt – each for special treatment. 4. Hair care – shampoo, conditioners, masks, sprays, serum, hair cream etc. – each with several types of special individual care. 5. Men care – balms, creams, serums, deodorants, foams, gels, lotions, shampoo – each of different kind. 6. Sun care – oil of various kinds for special purposes. The company constantly conducts research and development work, their labs constantly work to both create new products and at the same time upgrade and improve their existing ones. Their cosmetic product line works at skin, body and hair care needs of women, men and children altogether. Plus, the company manages to maintain competitive and consumer-friendly prices, while keeping a high quality of products. The company is looking for distributors worldwide with experience of reaching customers and strong connections in the cosmetic field: beauty shops, pharmacies etc. in order to sell its products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type – business, trade Activity - partner with experience and strong connections in the cosmetic field who could sell its products to end users such as pharmacies and beauty trade chains. The partner shall be aware to the treatment benefits of the Dead Sea cosmetics. Role – to sell to the end users (such as pharmacies, beauty trade chains, other customers) the company products under distribution agreement with the offering company
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Already on the market
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Exclusive Rights
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