Israeli company specializing in desalination, water, and wastewater treatment seeking commercial or distribution agreement

Israeli company with over 30 years experience specializing in tailor-made solutions for desalination, water and wastewater treatment, offers a wide array of advanced, cost-effective technologies for desalination of seawater and brackish water, treatment of industrial water, and wastewater streams The company is looking for partners requiring execution of complex projects worldwide and cooperation types such as commercial agency, distribution services and franchise agency.
The company, based in Israel, is capable of providing cost-effective and efficient seawater and brackish water desalination solutions, as well as industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment solutions, putting an emphasis on specific requirements and local regulation constraints. This is achieved by in-house development of advanced design approaches for the variety of the applications. The company provides innovative, tailor-made and cost-effective water treatment solutions including: • Advanced, flexible water treatment systems • Environmentally friendly solutions • Compliance with the most stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements • Treating wide array of water sources, including seawater, brackish, surface, or grid water The technology is applicable for power plants, oil and gas, mining, petrochemical and other industries as well as for small up to medium size municipalities. The company has been more than 30 years on the market of municipal and industrial water, wastewater treatment solutions up to zero liquid discharge level. Skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in the field provide the projects with professional approaches to tailor the most efficient and cost effective solution for a specific client's need. The company is seeking to collaborate with companies that can offer projects that require water or wastewater treatment as a solution. The company envisions various partnership types including a commercial agency to help with overseas representation, a distribution agreement to sell the company's capabilities, a franchise agreement, or a services agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is ready to consider the cooperation types as Commercial agency with the partner role to represent the company abroad. Distribution services to sell the company abilities and methodological approach. Franchise agency to offer the approach to potential franchisees. Services agreement offering the company service in solving the problems of the project found. The type of Partner Sought –industry, engineering companies, trade companies, trade specialists • The tasks to be performed by the partner sought - to offer projects, which need solutions in water and/or wastewater treatment to participate in.
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