Israeli manufacturer of seating systems, pulpits, arks, cabinetry and other unique items for synagogue interiors seeks agents or distributors

This Israeli company specializes in the design, manufacture and construction of seating systems, pulpits, arks, cabinetry and other unique items for synagogue interiors. Its work can be found glorifying more than 5,300 synagogues worldwide, yet the company is still hoping to expand globally through international partnerships. The company is seeking a manufacturing, distribution services, or commercial agency agreement.
This Israeli company was founded in 1962, and has since become the undisputed leader in supplying furniture and furnishings for synagogues. The company designs and manufactures items for synagogue interiors - such as seating systems, pulpits, arks, cabinetry. The company can also manufacture and supply special models and solutions according to customer demand. Its plant covers 5000 square meters and the company employs 100 individuals of the highest caliber, architects and designers, artists and craftsmen, production managers, quality control inspectors and more. Synagogue seating is a major investment and a unique contributor to the grandeur that uplifts worshippers. It is the core of every renewal project. With decades of expertise in creating a wide variety of styles, the company stands in a class of its own when planning and building purpose-made seats, pews and benches. Today this company is the supplier of choice for Jewish communities. It has furnished over 5,300 synagogues and study halls in Israel and around the globe, and is looking to increase its international reach even further. That is why the company is interested in a distribution services agreement to more easily get products to foreign markets, a commercial agency agreement, in which the Israeli company can be represented in a foreign market, or a manufacturing agreement where the company can use its decades of expertise to manufacture foreign products at the highest quality.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for long term cooperation with partners that are active and experienced in a related field: either with a manufacturing agreement, distribution services agreement, or commercial agency agreement. In a manufacturing agreement, it is expected from the partner to deliver technical specifications of their product, so the Israeli company can use its expertise to manufacture a foreign-developed product. The company would also like to establish a distribution services agreement with an international distributor, to buy and sell the Israeli product to an expanded market. Additionally, the company is open to a commercial agency agreement, where instead of solely distributing goods, the foreign partner, acting as an agent, can negotiate sales and purchases on the company’s behalf, representing the company in a new market. Potential partners should have knowledge of the industry.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted
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