Israeli manufacturing company in electro- and opto-mechanical systems offers outsourcing agreements

An Israeli company's primary industries are medical devices, printed circuit boards, 3D printing, semiconductors, and digital printing. The company, which is specialized in mechanics, optics, motion, pneumatics, and control is seeking an outsourcing agreement with foreign companies.
This family-owned Israeli business was established by an engineer in 1998, and has since grown immensely. The company, which used to exist as a single room in the house of its founder, currently has access to 3,400m2 of facilities. The industries which the company serves include, digital printing, semiconductors, 3D printing, printed circuit boards, and medical devices. This company specializes in the provision of full turnkey services, operating as subcontractors for advanced mechanical and electro-optic project production and management.The company can assist its clients at any point in the production process, through prototyping, new product information, full scale production, product optimization -- examining cost and efficiency -- and reverse engineering to ensure the client is fully satisfied with his/her finished product. The company utilizes advanced managerial methods, computerized management and control of all company processes, professional and experienced personnel at a high level of service awareness in order to provide customers with the best service. The company provides clients who wish to create innovative products with guidance on how to introduce a successful product in the market and deal with challenges that may arise, including dealing with the unprecedented rate of technology advancement and other sources of global change and market uncertainty. This company specializes in the following technologies: mechanics, optics, motion, pneumatics, and control.The company is looking to expand its market outside of Israel, and is looking for long term relationships with foreign companies that require to outsource the solutions they provide. Specifically, the company is seeking to outsource its mechanic services to: aeronautics and space, healthcare, nano and micro technologies and mobility companies.
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The company is seeking to outsource its services to foreign companies in a long term partnership. The company manufactures electro- and opto-mechanical systems and specializes in comprehensive management of the production chain on all matters relating to mechanical, electro-mechanical and opto-mechanical system production and production engineering. The company is seeking clients in the following sectors: Aeronautics and space, healthcare, nano and micro technologies and mobility.
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