An Israeli representation company, specialized in management / integration of projects in energy, transportation, tunneling, infrastructure and underground, is looking for commercial agency agreement

An Israeli company, greatly experienced in project management, coordination and integration in the energy, transportation, tunneling, infrastructure and underground fields, is seeking foreign partners in need of local representative in these fields. The expected partnership intends to assist a foreign colleague/specialist in local tenders competition / participation and enable both parties to get experience, knowledge, advanced approaches. The company is looking for commercial agency agreement.
The Israeli company represents foreign companies in Israel in the field of infrastructure, tunneling and underground (transportation, roads and railways), management and integration; project accompaniment; consultation and solutions to the challenges of exploiting the underground space. Based on many years of senior level experience in the transportation and infrastructures sector, in general, and in the fields of tunneling and underground works, in particular, the company focuses on market penetration through interaction with its familiar entrepreneurial companies, regulatory bodies, government ministries, emergency and rescue bodies. The company is highly knowledgeable about emergency, safety, extraction and rescue. The company professional staff brings a unique profound understanding and background in the field, with significant achievements in public sector dealing in the highest levels there. In its field the company has a leading position in the market, making the perfect choice for introducing oversees brands into the local market and bringing experts from abroad for every tunnel project in Israel. In Israeli market the company offers the services including: -project management, coordination and integration between the infrastructure company & project managers and between emergency bodies (Firefighting and Rescue Authority, Red Shield of David, National Emergency Authority, Home Front Command), as well as the relevant government ministries (as the regulator); - project accompaniment – accompanying projects throughout - from initiation / planning services, through implementation, delivery and handover for operation and ending in maintenance – all with an emphasis on emergency aspects and interfaces with emergency bodies, and the implementation and assimilation of the standards, requirements and binding guidelines that are compulsory for tunneling and underground projects. Today the company is involved in the most major national infrastructure and transportation projects in Israel, such as new highways and bridges, railways and light trains, new sea ports, tunneling and underground projects, energy projects, etc. The company is actively involved in work / fire safety, emergency rescue training aspects. It is an active representative of TST (Tunnel Safety Testing) companies, in particular, Spain (exclusive representative), where they have a large training facility / test centre offering a training tunnel of 600 meters for emergency units. In order to enlarge a range of their partners overseas the company is offering representation service and looking for: -foreign companies who deal with project management and planning and are experienced in tunneling and underground construction in order to represent them in Israel and compete in tenders in Israel; -foreign companies willing to plan their work in Israel, who can take care of their needs in terms of work safety / fire safety consulting etc and get their local representative; - specialists in the emergency and rescue field in order to bring them to convey training in Israel; - emergency teams to the training facility in Spain (contact with the heads of training units in firefighting and rescue); - foreign companies with designated facilities to train and instruct rapid response teams for emergency incidents in infrastructure and tunneling projects.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
-TYPE - industry, business -ACTIVITY. – contractors, with knowledge / experience in equipment & means, devices (also for light trains), tunneling , underground projects, on-ground trains, public transportation, intelligent transportation systems, energy aspects, safety, firefighting technologies, emergency devices, equipment, patents, technologies etc. -ROLE - willing to work / get a representative in Israel; getting ready for innovative / advanced technologies, products and approaches, advanced services in the fields of all aspects of infrastructure, building, tunneling and underground construction, energy, work / fire safety, emergency rescue training
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The partners should be experienced in the field of in tunneling and underground construction
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